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Comedy, Comic, Comedian…it all spells Dave Reilly a stand-up guy!

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We get asked all the time about what size comedy events Dave will perform for.  The answer is that we book openings based on availability and comedy tour schedules.  So if your event is only 50 to 100 people, we may have an open date that can be filled with your event at a price tag that fits your comedian budget.  The standard size show that we are geared up for is for 200 to 3000 people.  The largest shows that we have performed for have been in excess of 10,000 people.  Dave works as a national comedian so location is not an issue.  Before you hire Dave as a comedian, please take a moment to read some testimonials on the homepage of his website by clicking here.

Pricing is based on date, availability, travel, equipment, set-up, crew, performers, type and size of the event.  Percentage and door-deals are always open for discussion if there is proof of adequate promotion and advertising.  Dave is based out of New England/Tristate area while performing more than 70% of his shows nationwide.

If you would like a quote on a date or you are ready to hire comedian Dave Reilly, we can help you two ways.  Call the office at 203-233-3242 or complete the form below.  Once we receive your information and details we can quote you an exact price.  We thank you for considering Dave Reilly to be your entertainer for your next event!

If you are looking for a cheap comedian to tell a few jokes; Dave is NOT what you are looking for.  If you need to have the most professional show and want to be guaranteed that your guests will be thanking you for weeks after the show is over; Dave Reilly IS the comedian you are looking for.

Daves show requires an attentive audience and a quite background during the show.  This show is ideal for fundraisers or corporate events.  Dave will do other types of shows for his fans but if you are planning on hiring Dave to surprise your guests with a comedy show, forget it because it will not work out well for either of us.  Dave is a true professional and can and WILL rock your show for over 3 hours straight!  However, this needs to be done in the correct environment.  We don’t care about the actual building we are in, but its so important that the crowd understand what they are coming to see and what is expected of them.  If they are there to just drink and socialize, save your money because comedy is NOT a good idea.

So with all of this said, if you are ready to hire the funniest comedian you will ever experience, take a minute to tell us about your event.

Tell us about your show below and we will tell you what we can do for you.  We normally get back to you in just a few hours if not sooner.

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