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Testimonial #105

We caught your act at the Colonial Tavern last night. My wife set me up as the big guy down front. Your show gave me a headache from laughing all day Saturday. No amount of Tylenol would help.
You are histarlical! You have a f***ing great routine. I would have have stayed there all night listening to you if not for the snow (in November)!
When you talked to my 12 year-old son on the phone, that was hilarious. He had some clue because you did it to our friends last year, but took him by surprise. It will give him something to talk about in school.
Friends of ours (from New York and the railroad) called us the next day to warn us that they are going to bring tables of friends for next year’s show, so start preparing some new material.
Oh yeah, even the republican pencil d*** accountant couldn’t stop laughing. You remember, the one with lead in his pencil. That alone was worth the price of admission. We have a new nickname for him for years to come (Stubby No. 2) or at least to next year’s show!

Once again, let me tell you that you have a fantastic knack for comedy and you are a great comedian..

Best of luck and continued success.

PS Remember Oxford when you make it big!!!

Brian K.