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Testimonial #107

Here’s my opinion (in the form of a poem) of anyone who has any reservations about hiring you for their function……

So you think you’ve seen all the great comedians,
but how could you possibly know?
Unless you’ve hired Dave and Joey
to put on their ‘Comedy show’.

Oh! you can read all their reviews,
and research them all on the net.
They all say they will sell out your show,
and they are the best you could ever get!

You start to listen to all the comedians
you can find on radio & TV.
Because you want a successful function,
So Please! just listen to me.

Because our Lodge was raising funds,
I did all named above & more.
How could I have known the success we’d have,
until Dave Reilly walked through our door?

The show was over a week ago,
and I’m still hearing positive things.
Everyone talks about their sides still hurting,
and truth to light he brings.

He focuses on reality,
what happens to us each day.
Though we may not be amused at the time.
He sees the humor, and tells it that way.

So your audience will be captivated,
until the end of this awesome show,
They won’t even go to the restroom,
even though they really have to go…..

Dawn Stender The Manchester Elk Lodge #1893<br>Manchester, CT