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Testimonial #117

I went to see your show last week at Monticello in Meridan. I had no idea who you were or what I was in for….in fact I was very reluctant to even go…..but my family dragged me out to have some fun….
reminding me that I have been working too much. It was my only night off and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a show to watch people try to be funny! I was wrong…..I was very impressed with your style of comedy.
I found myself identifying with many of the things you talked about…. I guess it helps to laugh at yourself and it reminded me to stop taking life too seriously!!! Thank you for that!! I really did enjoy the show and was happy I spent my night off in your audience…..! But most of all… what you said at the end of your show….touched my heart…..for life has been pretty challanging these days……and your words hit home…. I left not only with my sides hurting from laughing so much….but those words pulled at my heart strings…!!! I just wanted you to know that!!!
I wish you much happiness and success in your career!!