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Testimonial #125

Thanks for coming to Wittenberg University. I am writing this email for the sheer purpose you said no one ever emails you when you ask them too.

It is my first year working here, not a student, nor am I greek, but it was fun to see a comedian on a college campus that was funny yet able to be serious at the end and pull it off. The University that I graduated from made Comedians sign a PG and/or PG-13 rider, needless to say we usually got the tamed down humor, it was refreshing to see someone so comfortable in their own skin and not having to hold back.

The girl, Ashley, whom you profusely picked on through out the show, licked her toes, kissed her, etc., is one of my residents. She was freaked out— made me laugh though, I think she tends to take herself to seriously sometimes, so it was nice to see her relax.

The bathroom sketch was great, amazing how well you can pin women… And the true excitement that you conveyed when you released yourself from the straight jacket in 1:23 or 1:21 whichever way you want to look at it, was
just as entertaining as watching you get yourself out.

Thank you for a great night- good luck with your tour and in life.

Melissa Jenson