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Testimonial #136

Sorry it took so long to thank you for the tremendous gig you treated us to in Nashua. What a show! You made me forget about myself and laugh from my belly. How wonderful to watch you do what you’re obviously born to do, make money at it and bring happiness to so many people. And kudos, for bringing your brethren out on the road with you; it’s a long time since Saturday Night. God must have worked extra hard on bringing you to the planet.

I particularly felt your closing: “Live in the moment –that’s why it’s called the present.” Laughter heals a multitude of sorrows; at least it does for me. I was so drained when I walked out of the show. The air smelled a little sweeter and the moon a little brighter.

Be careful out there –the road has a way of taking out some of the best of us. But you know, “in the final analysis, my brother, a man’s not going to be remembered by the vast things he’s accomplished in his life; rather his greatest achievement is the recollection of how he lived his life on a daily basis. Most of all be kind to yourself –God’s watching.

I pray for your continued success, good fortune.

Peace and blessings.

Dawn A. Nashua, NH