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Testimonial #181

The show last nite at the Succop Theater in the big town of Butler was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
It was the funnist show i have ever seen.At work the next day i was still laughing at the jokes you told.My wife never quit laughing threw the whole show and her mother was there also ,she is 73 years young and she had tears coming down her face from laughing so hard. You made our whole week because i know i’LL STILL BE CRACKING UP THAT LONG. HEY DAVE IF YOU ARE EVER AROUND BUTLER AGAIN YOU CAN STAY AT MY HOUSE AND WE”LL GET a case of beer and go sit on the new bridge that goes over Butler and then you can see what kind of town we gots.thanks again for all the laughs and my door is always open.

Morty Butler, PA