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Testimonial #22

On behalf of myself, my husband & the Lunachicks Team family, I want to just know how much of a good time we all had with you this past Saturday night 2/28/09, at the Holiday Inn, Fishkill, at our Lunachicks Fundraiser night that you did for us. You were AWESOME!
We are a brand new organization, brand new name out there in softball, and this event was something that we needed to help us raise money for our girls for this upcoming softball season, and needless to say that everyone who attended our show, has never stopped talking about your show, and cannot wait for us to do this event again. Our show because of you was a complete success, and we cannot thank you enough. It was a big task for me to pull this fundraiser event together, and I truly needed to sit back and enjoy myself last Saturday night, and I have to tell you Dave you made this women a very happy women that night. I never laughed so hard in my life. Your comedy is so true to life, with so much reality, but when your sitting there listening to you, all your life’s troubles seem to disappear thanks to you. You have to be the funniest comedian that I have ever seen, and I and all my family & friends that were at the show that evening cannot wait to come see you again in concert real soon. I am still receiving phone calls & e-mails about how awesome you were Saturday night, and I am sure that for months to come I still will be.
I also want you to know that maybe next time I can set you up with some body piercings if you would like. I had know idea that there would have been a body piercing convention going on in the other ballroom that same evening as ours. because, “I didn’t know” Really!
Great Job, can’t wait to see you again, & again & again.
Till then.

Joy Bombace & George Bombace Lunachicks Softball<br>Team Fundraiser Coordinator