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Testimonial #24

We saw you at an event at the Friendly Sons in Old Bridge NJ on Sat Jan 24th.

Let me tell u I hadn’t laughed that hard and for that long in I don’t remember when.The way you were able to just go all nite, well we wont go there just now. Maybe on a Tuesday, you’ll make your Petunia happy.

Your act was the funniest thing to come to NJ in a long time. I hope you can make time to come down from Conn and see us again. Maybe at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick NJ, its a well known Comedy Showcase and you should really see about playing it sometime.I’ll bring all the drunken Irish folk out to see you,lololol.

Anyway we had a great time and would like to thank you for bring some much needed laughter to us all. They say laughing is a very healthy thing to do. Well Doctor Dave made us all well again.

thanks for a great nite of fun