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Testimonial #249

I did laugh so hard my face hurt. You know when you are googling over a baby and smiling so much your cheek bones ache. Well thats what happened. I heard about the show last minute and went out with 2 friends to see you. I am so glad I did. Laughter is truly the best medicine and what you said about life being to short was exactly what I needed to hear. I am going through some really trying times right now and you are what the doctor ordered. I have only seen comics on Tv. So I was amazed with how hard you worked that crowd. Everything you talked about I could relate to.
I am a recently seperated female 46 years young. You talked about my soon to be ex, Hes the one that had the control of the remote,and I appreciated your humor on that subject. The expressions you make are hillarious. Thanks for coming to” Wallyworld” and Meriden and making my weekend a lot more enjoyable. I am gonna try and go to another one of your side splitting performances. I will have to bring a lot more of my friends too.
They also could benefit from your Act.
Take care……….

Chris Wallingford