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Testimonial #31

As the labeled “PTO Mom” in your audience last night, my husband and I and 100 people I’ve spoken to in the last 16 hours, think you are the absolutely funniest person we have ever seen. We were so worried, as were many people, that because it was a PTO sponsored fundraising event, that the evening was going to be kind of lame. IT SO WAS NOT!!!!!!

Everyone around me was crying, because we were laughing so hard. Many of us women looked like raccoons. Honestly, I would have worn waterproof mascara if I known it was going to run down my face all night. We didn’t want your performance to end. It was probably one of the best and funniest nights out many of us have had in a long, long time. If laughter truly is the best medicine then you are the Surgeon General of Comedy!

Keep up the great work and hopefully we will get the chance to see you again in the neighborhood of lovely Wethersfield, CT!!!!!

Robin (the PTO lady) & Mike (the fruit guy) Bourassa Wethersfield, CT