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Testimonial #47

Your show at Clayton last night was awesome-or should I call this place a) the place where your GPS died b) the place where there is no Italian food cause they ran out of sauce c) Claytonville d) the place that hasn’t caught up to the rest of the world.
My husband and I were amazed at how long the show lasted. We had been to other shows but in no way did they last as long as yours. The other thing we liked as well was we could put the world behind us for a few hours-no war (my husband is a retired soldier and we have lost many friends in the past few years), no economy issues and no Obama (we have seen enough of him!). You talked about real life which made your show so great.
Also, love the shirt and got one at the end of the show. Wearing it this morning-hopefully my 19 year old stepson won’t think it is too true. Would love to wear it at the school I teach at ….however don’t think they would find the humor in it. Oh well.
Take care and come back soon. The husband says you should consider doing a show for our returning soldiers (they are coming back in small groups in the coming weeks). They and their families could use a laugh after this tour.

Sheila K. Callahan