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Testimonial #48

Thanks for coming to Clayton.. As you can see, it is a pretty isolated area. It is unique in the fact that we go from a population of 1500 people in the fall/winter to 25 -30,000 people in the summer months. You started talking about Jebediah and the horse & buggy and the GPS not telling you anything else – yeah – my husband and I moved here 8 years ago and know the culture shock. The locales refer to the summer people as “cash cows” and I have heard the locales referred to as “huckleberries” by some of the summer people. Most are quite respectful though.
Anyway, my husband & I live in Alexandria Bay, 7 miles down river and we do have a couple of very nice hotels that bring comedy shows to the area. The Riveredge is one but if you were to do a benefit of some nature for a larger crowd, The Edgewood Resort is a good venue. Also, Kingston, Ontario is 30 minutes across the border from Clayton.
Keep up the good work. The 4 extra people that I told about the show are going to hear about what a terrific time they missed.

Jocelyn H. Merritt Lic. R.. E. Associate Broker – GARLOCK REALTY