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Testimonial #56

Just wanted to Thank you for a great time Sat night. My husband and our friends were crying from laughter. My checks hurt from grinning and laughing so much!

I have to say the best part about your act is your demeanor. You just seem like you’re having as much fun as your audience. It seems more like your sharing your fun instead of putting on an act….that’s such a special gift because even some of the most successful comedians lack that quality.

Years ago I saw you at a small bar in Torrington called The Eastside Cafe. I remember you started the show by putting a cigarette out on your tongue. And I loved a bit you did at the end where you instructed an audience member to move your arms and legs… Do you still do that sometimes?

It was a fabulous show and such a refreshing way for a mother of 2 to finally get the Hell out of the house! I should have stopped by to thank you in person. Next time I’ll be sure to bring more friends and family. I wish you all the happiness and continued success you deserve and look forward to the big news!!