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Testimonial #65

What can I say… unbelievable!! I saw your show once and laughed all week long! Nothing like I have ever seen in any comedy club or HBO special, truly original. I enjoyed it so much and was having a 40th B-day party for my husband, and who knew Dave would come! If you guys on the site are reading these letters you probably saw his show, if not…let me tell you first-hand if you’re having a B-day, Anniversary or any other event large or small, forget the casino nights forget the strippers if you want a memory of a life time call this guy!!!! They were unbelievable.
I had 52 guests and received 52 phone calls as I was recovering from an amazing night no lie this is true.
What a night!! thanks for the memories. In all honesty people, I have never seen anyone as funny as Dave Reilly.

ps all my single friends want to go to “Disney land”. Thanks for the memories Dave.

You guys were awesome!

Andrea Akner Holtsville, NY