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Testimonial #73

I just got back from your show in Danbury and I’m still laughing. Your material, presentation, charisma, and stamina are amazing, you’re a true talent. I’m sure people routinely tell you that you brightened up their day and I’m no exception. Actually my brother Kris and his wife Cheryl, your sidekick tonight, dragged me out against my wishes to see “some comedian”. You see, I had some serious personal problems today and your amazing show made me forget for a few hours, but your advice and wisdom in closing your show is what I’ll remember the most, truly words to live by.

For what its worth, my brother and I laughed the hardest at the remote control with the dial joke, our grandfather had one of those and it really hit home, we both had tears in our eyes. Thanks again Dave and hope to see you in the future, I’ll be spreading the word for sure.

Rob Taylor Danbury, CT