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Dave Reilly is a true comedian that works nationwide Specializing in comedy fundraisers for non profits and charity organizations.  Dave’s comic material is a mix of off the cuff improv and real life situational material that everyone can relate to.  Dave will take your group and/or organization and make them part of the show in a way that your audience will love.  Comedian Dave Reilly performs his act to conform to the audience that happens to be in front of him at any given time so each show is a unique performance.  Dave’s material ranges between PG and rated R depending on the type of show requested.  Its a bit spicy but never gross or crude.  Foul language need not be used, but may be used as a condiment to the show if requested.  His comedy entertainment is targeted at an age range of 25 to 65.

Dave has been performing his cavalcade of comedy for over 20 years!  Movies, TV, Radio, Clubs, Fundraiser, Corporate…you name it, he’s done it.  But his niche in life is performing for corporate and fund raising events.

Dave was seen in the 2009 movie “Tick-Tock” (was such a great movie that it went straight to garbage. lol   … by passed the big screen, DVD and Netflix!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.30.23 PMJust The Facts:

Dave has over 30 years under his belt as a headlining comedian as well as another 10 years prior in the entertainment field which also includes several years of owning and operating 4 successful comedy clubs in New England.  Dave has performed with some of the best comedians from both the east and west coast.  Being mentored by some of the comedy greats afforded Dave the opportunity to hone his skills and material with great comedy mentors.  Daves comedy material and improv now stands on its own as one of the longest non-stop-hilarious stand-up comedy shows currently on tour today.    In addition to being a great comedian, Dave is also an illusionist, escape artist and a fire eater!  Over 95% of Dave’s shows end with a standing ovation with the crowd begging for more.

How does Comedian Dave Reilly do it?  Well, once you see his charisma and speaking skills in action, you too will understand his awesome gift of delivering laughs.  Dave performs because he loves being a live entertainer and has no agenda.  He doesn’t hold back in the least and he delivers every show with 100% of his energy and talent.  Please don’t take our word on this… Take a few minutes and read for your self what past audience members have written in to Dave on the main page of this website.

Dave Reilly is serious about comedy…

Just a few of the fundraising and corporate comedy shows as well as
private comedy shows that Dave has performed for

…plus many, many more!!



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