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hi dave, i saw your show last night, and you were hysterical, i was laughing from start to finish. you got everybody to laugh at life for a while. we are way too serious sometimes. your inspirational words at the end will stay with me forever..that the present is a gift…you are so right..thanks for a great evening…signed…a new fan…

Gary Marcus

What a show!! You have got it down brother! It didn’t matter whether you were on the Wallingford or Meriden side of the hall…you were hysterical!! I laughed so friggin’ hard that I actually had a headache…..oxygen depletion I guess. Your humor and serious words were inspirational. I just came back from the dealer……I bought me a double wide. Keep up the great work! Watch out for blue water!! Here’s to your continued success!! Now pass me some toilet paper you asshole!!


i can’t remember ever laughing so hard in my life. you were so funny i was hurting from laughing so hard. you hit on so many real subjects it was a laughfest the minute you got on stage. you’ll be a hard act to follow. we’ve seen the best…now what? great show.


Your show in Wallingford/Meriden tonight was absoultely hilarious. It is the best show I have every seen. My sides hurt from laughing so much. You’ve decribed the Ladies bathroom perfectly. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Cher Wallingford

I’ve seen comedians, so I thought, until I saw you last night. Meridan /Wallingford will never be the same. I was still talking about you to people tonight. I laughed so hard my head hurt. I related to the Christmas tree story, because I did everything you described, and the bathroom story, a scream and oh so true!!!!!. I can’t wait to see you again


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