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“Anyone looking to have you help with a fundraiser not only should know how much fun it will be for all, but also how long you perform.  Two hours would have been well worth it, but three hours is incredible.   Your performance is one that when the audience walks away, they want to call their friends to tell them how great it was, but their friends won’t understand unless they were there.”  …Jim Bengiovanni

Specializing in Comedy Fundraisers as well as:

Comedian Dave Reilly is a professional stand up comedian with TV, Radio and Theater experience that covers over 25 years, 47 states and 4 countries.
Fundraiser comedy shows that target audience members between 30 and 70 years old is where Dave really shines.  Stand Up Comedy today is
something that can go horribly wrong if approached in the wrong way.  Daves material is mostly observational humor that focuses on
relationship and marriage issues as well as general life experiences.  Daves comedy is edgy and funny without crossing the border.


Best Comedians for comedy night fund raising and non profit organizations is Comedian Dave Reilly

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