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“Anyone looking to have you help with a fundraiser not only should know how much fun it will be for all, but also how long you perform.  Two hours would have been well worth it, but three hours is incredible.   Your performance is one that when the audience walks away, they want to call their friends to tell them how great it was, but their friends won’t understand unless they were there.”  …Jim Bengiovanni

Specializing in Comedy Fundraisers as well as:

Comedian Dave Reilly is a professional stand up comedian with TV, Radio and Theater experience that covers over 25 years, 47 states and 4 countries.
Fundraiser comedy shows that target audience members between 30 and 70 years old is where Dave really shines.  Stand Up Comedy today is
something that can go horribly wrong if approached in the wrong way.  Daves material is mostly observational humor that focuses on
relationship and marriage issues as well as general life experiences.  Daves comedy is edgy and funny without crossing the border.


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Comedy Show Reviews

E-mail from the people who have seen the fundraiser comedy show first hand…

Hey Dave,
Just saw you for the tenth time and its amazing how different you manage to make every show and yet I love all the stories that you weave in and out of your show. You are one of the few comedians that make me actually laugh out loud. May sound funny to you but I am not a big fan of stand up but you are so different than most comedians. You really seem to speak from your heart and that is so damn funny.
Frank Medina
Newark, NJ


Another amazing fundraiser comedy show! Seen ya 5 times and never been disappointed. I cant believe how long of a show you do and kept me and my grandmother in tears the entire time. I never seen her laugh that hard in my 30 years on Earth. Thank you for the memories and thank you for doing what you do.
Beth Merchant
Torrington, CT

Hi all! Since the creation of Facebook, we noticed that more people contact us with fan letters in this manner than the old school “email” but we have left these past emails in place so you can read why Dave is and always will be the top choice for comedy entertainment. Feel free to read all these great testimonials and be assured that Dave Reilly is the funniest comedian touring in CT, NY, NJ, PA, MA and all of the northeast.

Hey Dave.
Saw you last night from the “Crotch and Canker ” and I have to say that you are now my favorite stand up comic. Your material was relevant to the crowd and it flowed so easily from start to finish. I hate to see a comedian where it is forced and scripted. Your delivery and timing was amazing and my entire table roared all evening. I signed up for your email notifications because I will definitely be stalking you and your shows. Thanks for a great night and yes, you were right. My husband is already asking for the cookies.
Ann O’Sullivan
Oakdale CT

Hey Dave,

I was at your show at the Old Well Tavern – what a show!

I’ve never seen a standup comic with so much energy, nor one that performed so long. Truly funny stuff – I think I’m going to be saying “Listen! I didn’t know!” in my head for a week. I hope you make it back there again next year – I would bet that our entire group (we were the two tables right in front of you) will go and we’ll get even more to join in, word will get around.

Great performance – hope to see you again!

Pat McCarthy



I gotta confess, I thought all these emails were bullshit until I finally came out and saw ya live last week in NJ at the “Moose attic” as you called it!
You are the funniest MFer I ever seen! Its not really what ya say, but just the way ya deliver it. I felt like I was a guest in your living room and we were just
hangin out on a Saturday night havin fun. Im driving up on Thanksgiving Eve just to see ya again at that comedy show you are doing in CT.

Still crackin up!
Stoney Marlin
Middlesex, NJ


As someone who strives to be funny, it’s humbling to tell someone else how funny they are but you truly earned my admiration. Your sense of timing and microphone control was outstanding. It was a Vegas level performance in New Britain, Connecticut. More so, the ability to keep the routine for so long was amazing.

Anyone looking to have you help with a fundraiser not only should know how much fun it will be for all, but also how long you perform. Two hours would have been well worth it, but three hours is incredible. Your performance is one that when the audience walks away, they want to call their friends to tell them how great it was, but thier friends won’t understand unless they were there.

I’m sure we will see you in future years. Thanks for making so many people laugh for so many good causes.

Jim Bengiovanni
Berlin, CT


Dave ,

Wow what a show !!! My wife and I got a call last night at about 5 Pm that our friends had some extra Beef and Beer tickets (fundraiser to all that live outside of Jersey). We live about 30 miles away in Washington Township. So I was not so quick to jump on for a beef and beer. None the less in Millville. My buddy John Scotti said that he had seen you on Lettermen and heard that you had been on HBO. I’ll be quite honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect.

We go to comedy shows all the time in Philly and AC. We watch last comic standing every time it is on. You are up there with some of the most funny people I have ever witnessed.

On the way home my wife and I agreed that you were better then Larry the Cable Guy who we saw 2 weeks ago and better then Dane Cook who we saw earlier this year. We laughed our asses off and several times had to wipe the laughter tears away.

Dude I would refer you to anyone who is looking for a entertainer for a event. And I will be talking about your show to my friends, family and colleagues until the next time I see you.

Til the next time Bro !!!!


Curt Tegeler
Executive Vice President
ScreenDreamer, LLC


I recently saw you at the sons of Shennana(as you called it) in Old Bridge and I must say you were hysterical.. I have seen many comedians from Mitch Fatel to Robin Williams and I have to admit I have never laughed as hard for as long as I did that night.. First of all I find amazing you had 3 hours worth of material and made it seem so seamless.. Great Job!!… Take care and can’t wait to see you again soon..

John F. Emilio
VP of Operations
FK General Contractors Inc.

Hey Dave.
I was at the 3/6 comedy performance in North Windham that you did for Network, Inc. I am the accountant here and we really appreciate you helping us make money for our client basic needs fund. This is the second time I’ve seen you (the first being in the amazing town of Moosup, CT) and I have to tell you that of all the comedy shows I’ve seen over the years, you definitely stand out and made me laugh the entire time for both shows. Life is too short to take yourself seriously and I so appreciate your humor. I know you’re a busy guy so you don’t have to reply but I just wanted to thank you again for being you 🙂

Marilyn Tilley


I saw you at a show in Philadelphia about three weeks ago. I must tell you that I am 77 years old and have seen many a comedian in my time, but without a doubt you are the funniest and greatest one that I have ever seen. You worked the crowd with the best of them. There’s no one that even comes close to your performance and your ability. I am surly going to see you again when you come to neck of the woods. I am on your emailing list and am waiting for that event. I spoke to a lot of people who was at that party and they all agree with my feeling, and you did it with out saying the F word. They said that Jacky Gleason was the greatest but that only means that they never saw you because you are the GREATEST.

Thank you
Lou Molino
Philadelphia, PA 19128


Hi Dave:

I want to thank you very much for making our fundraiser a huge success!! Your show was terrific – I have been getting incredible feedback from everyone I have talked to who was there. It was a blast!! We are hoping you will come back again and work with us – we know that the next show will sell out – just by the word of mouth from people who were there that night.

Just so you know….Otis is alive and well!!

Thanks again, Dave – look forward to having you
come back to Canaan!!

Wendy Eichman
Stadium System, Inc.


Dave –
My friend’s daughter plays on the team and she invited me to the comedy fundraiser on Saturday night in Whitman. It was THE BEST comedy show I’ve seen. And I never expected that long of a show. (over 3 hours!) We had a great time. Probably the best time I’ve had in our sleepy town since I moved there 15 years ago!!

I will be talking about the show for a long time.

Thanks for the great time.

Teresa Fettig



I was at the Clayton opera house show and thoroughly impressed and entertained. Even though your comment about you were getting info for your next show from our crowd was said in jest; I know there was much truth to it!!!! I really appreciate the length of the show was not proportionate to the size of the crowd–if anything I think you enjoyed our small crowd and the give and take back and forth within it. My wife and I were in the second row so we were close to your magic tricks—you are very good at that –the handkerchief to wine bottle trick was amazing!!!
Thanks so much for the great evening.

Paul Backus



Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the show you did last Thursday at Quinsigamond College for the Nursing students. What a GREAT night and so much fun. My daughter is a student there and so is her daughter . We laughed so hard that I lost my voice (my husband loved that). Your sense of humor is fantastic and we all had a ball…

My husband didn’t want to go at first but then said he would have missed a great show and loved all of it. Thanks for a wonderful night. We all needed that seeing everyone’s lives are so stressful right now.
Looking forward to seeing you again in this area..

Thanks again for making our night fabulous..Keep up the good work and how did you know about the shoes??????Loved it.

Thanks again.

Al & Carolyn Glancey



My Husband and I saw your show at the Kallet Civic Center in Oneida, NY. You were Awesome, we laughed through the whole show. You are an Amazing performer and we are looking forward to seeing your next show here in Oneida. Thanks for a wonderful time and an AMAZING show.
Elsie Granger
Oneida, NY


Hi Dave.

The show Friday night was a huge success! Everyone from 20-70 years old thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I was a little worried about the content at first because it was a little different audience than the show at the Elks last fall, but as usual i was worried for no reason, I got so many calls the next day about how people needed a break from life and Friday night they got it. The man you were calling “Jebediah” had a real tough meeting with some town officials that day and he said it really helped him being there. thanks for a great show and we should do it again next year, we’ll book the wagon room next year.


Dave Harrington
Southington, CT Food Bank Fundraiser Event Organizer.


Dear Dave,

On behalf of myself, my husband & the Lunachicks Team family, I want to just know how much of a good time we all had with you this past Saturday night 2/28/09, at the Holiday Inn, Fishkill, at our Lunachicks Fundraiser night that you did for us. You were AWESOME!
We are a brand new organization, brand new name out there in softball, and this event was something that we needed to help us raise money for our girls for this upcoming softball season, and needless to say that everyone who attended our show, has never stopped talking about your show, and cannot wait for us to do this event again. Our show because of you was a complete success, and we cannot thank you enough. It was a big task for me to pull this fundraiser event together, and I truly needed to sit back and enjoy myself last Saturday night, and I have to tell you Dave you made this women a very happy women that night. I never laughed so hard in my life. Your comedy is so true to life, with so much reality, but when your sitting there listening to you, all your life’s troubles seem to disappear thanks to you. You have to be the funniest comedian that I have ever seen, and I and all my family & friends that were at the show that evening cannot wait to come see you again in concert real soon. I am still receiving phone calls & e-mails about how awesome you were Saturday night, and I am sure that for months to come I still will be.
I also want you to know that maybe next time I can set you up with some body piercings if you would like. I had know idea that there would have been a body piercing convention going on in the other ballroom that same evening as ours. because, “I didn’t know” Really!
Great Job, can’t wait to see you again, & again & again.
Till then.

Joy Bombace & George Bombace
Lunachicks Softball Team
Fundraiser Coordinator

Hi Dave

Just saw your comedy show with my wife at Infinity Music Hall tonight, February 20th, in Norfolk, CT. “You were mah-velous,”
as “Fernando Lamas” would say. I don’t remember when we’ve laughed so hard, and I watch and listen to comedy almost all of the time. We were up in Norfolk at a bed and breakfast, heard about the theater, and thought we’d take in a show. What else was there to do in boondockville? My wife asked if I ever heard of you, and I said I hadn’t.
Being that she’s always complaining about how much comedy I watch and listen to, she (and I) had low expectations.

I watch the stand-up comedians on Comedy Central, HBO Comedy, One-man comedy specials on HBO, and anyplace else I can catch it (with the exception of MTV, so I missed your appearances there). I DIDN’T KNOW!!!
I’m a subscriber to XM Radio, where I’m constantly switching between XM Comedy (now Raw Dog comedy), National Lampoon comedy, and even Blue Collar Comedy. Again, I DIDN’T KNOW!!!

But as we left the theater tonight my wife and I had the same thought. You see every year, for the past five years,
my wife and I give our three sons and there significant others (2 wives, one girlfriend) tickets to a Broadway show for their Hanukkah presents. Let’s get six tickets to your next comedy show in our area for this year’s present to the kids. As soon as we got back to the B & B, we looked up your schedule, and were shocked that you had been 4 miles from our house on January 23rd, in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY! I DIDN’T KNOW!!! I hope you’ll soon be at a venue close enough for them to get as much joy from your show as we did.

You really gave a fabulous show, and we thank you for letting us enjoy it so much.

Thanks again.

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Ortenberg



We saw you at an event at the Friendly Sons in Old Bridge NJ on Sat Jan 24th.

Let me tell u I hadn’t laughed that hard and for that long in I don’t remember when.The way you were able to just go all nite, well we wont go there just now. Maybe on a Tuesday, you’ll make your Petunia happy.

Your act was the funniest thing to come to NJ in a long time. I hope you can make time to come down from Conn and see us again. Maybe at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick NJ, its a well known Comedy Showcase and you should really see about playing it sometime.I’ll bring all the drunken Irish folk out to see you,lololol.

Anyway we had a great time and would like to thank you for bring some much needed laughter to us all. They say laughing is a very healthy thing to do. Well Doctor Dave made us all well again.

thanks for a great nite of fun


Dave I was at the Maple Grove in “VERMIN” last night and in all my 68 years I have not laughed that hard. I truly enjoyed the bit about the monopoly houses. In truth you were in Rockville (Vernon), Ct. and I really hope you make a return trip. Want to bring some of my friends that were not able to be there last night. A great comedian YOU are.

Thanks for a great evening of entertainment.

Claudia Arnold
Vermin, CT!


I have to write and first of all say a BIG THANK-YOU for an outstanding evening of comedy. YOU were sooooo funny. Dean and I are still laughing, (he of course has been heard to say several times since-“I didn’t know”…) and we laugh and laugh. You were incredible, perfect and the way you tied in parts of the evening were great.

You performed at Dean’s company Christmas Banquet (Crimson Fire Equipment) near Stevens (you referred to it as Stevensville) PA. I know for a fact you will never forget the evening although I am sure you would like too….

I apologize for the poor behavior of a particular front row attendee…however Dean and I are positive you have more material to pull from now. Ladder trucks, aerials, platforms, etc… We have said it would be very funny to hear one of your shows in the future and listen to the material that you have created as a result of being in Stevens(ville) PA at the Crimson Fire Equipment Dinner. I am sure it will be funny.

Dean and I again wanted you to know that we really enjoyed your show and would love to see you again sometime. Good Luck and God Bless.

Dean and Margie



You did a show this past Saturday night at the Middlesex Elks, Middlesex NJ. The show was more then I ever expected. The audience just went nuts and everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to do a comedy show. Thanks for a good night of fun and laughs.

Doug Buro
Middlesex Elks
House Committee Chairman


Hey Dave,

We were the table next to the old people last night on your right. The four of us never laughed so hard. My face hurt from laughing so hard! What a great show! We would love to see you come to Patriot Place next to Gillette Stadium or the new comedy club in North Attleboro ( we live in Foxboro and North Attleboro, nothing like Dorchester) so that I can send my parents and get some girlfriends to see you.
I was at Twin Rivers last weekend to see Richard Lewis with my Mother, His show was nothing next to yours!! Too bad for the old people, God help me if I lose my sense of humor when I get old!!!
Thank you for a great night, well worth the drive into Dorchester.

Pam, BIll, Carol and Tony

Hi Dave,

Thank you for a fantastic evening! You just performed at our Relay For Life fundraiser on Friday, April 25, and we all can’t stop talking about what a great night it was and how FUNNY you are! We were looking for a way to try and “spice it up” a bit from years past, and did you ever!

I must admit, we were a little bit nervous as we didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as you came out from behind the curtain, we knew you were going to be great. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are even funny to look at!

Everyone had a great time, and everyone could relate to your stories and jokes. What’s better than that? At the end of the evening, I was chatting with so many people, and they were still smiling and saying how their faces and sides hurt from laughing so much. What a great night for a great cause.

We’ve already stared talking about next year, and we hope to be able to book you again. Best of luck to you, stay well, and hope to see one of your shows soon.

Best regards,

The Relay For Life of Greater Norwood Massachusetts



Your show becomes an inferno when people realize you’re not just standing there telling jokes, you’re actually enjoying yourself,,,you have the gift!

Mark Voss
Volney, NY

Hi Dave,

As the labeled “PTO Mom” in your audience last night, my husband and I and 100 people I’ve spoken to in the last 16 hours, think you are the absolutely funniest person we have ever seen. We were so worried, as were many people, that because it was a PTO sponsored fundraising event, that the evening was going to be kind of lame. IT SO WAS NOT!!!!!!

Everyone around me was crying, because we were laughing so hard. Many of us women looked like raccoons. Honestly, I would have worn waterproof mascara if I known it was going to run down my face all night. We didn’t want your performance to end. It was probably one of the best and funniest nights out many of us have had in a long, long time. If laughter truly is the best medicine then you are the Surgeon General of Comedy!

Keep up the great work and hopefully we will get the chance to see you again in the neighborhood of lovely Wethersfield, CT!!!!!

Robin (the PTO lady) & Mike (the fruit guy) Bourassa Wethersfield, CT


Hey there!

Last night was great, trying this for the first time we didnt know what we were getting ourselves into, but with the laughter and the applause we are sure we will be asking you back. Your views on life and shopping were hilarious and you know to many it made perfect sense to where it seriously sounded like you were in everyone’s heads. Want to thank you again for coming to a place that doesnt exist and we will be seeing you in the future Im sure.

Linda Holmes
Volney Fire Corporation
Fulton NY

Hi Dave,

WOW! Definitely hilarious and more than worth the money spent! I couldn’t stop crying from laughing so hard. I didn’t want to leave the room or my seat for anything, even during your greatly appreciated extended show. When I decided to try this special events line-up at the resort again, I couldn’t have asked for a better first comedy act to promote! I only wish now that I had promoted even more. From the very start to your take on the resort and the quaint town of Gettysburg, and finally your outrageously true funny take on LOVE, women, and men, I ached! I would definitely like to invite you back and I’m sure, by the sound of the noise in the room, my husbands own tears of laughter and all my guests rousing reviews, and the line waiting for T-shirts, you’ll bring us more business next time, or anyone from your company.
It’s no wonder you’re a rising star! Thanks for a great night.

Jennifer Jeffcoat
General Manager
Carroll Valley Resort, PA

Hi Dave!

WOW!!! Outstanding 4 ½ hour show last night at the Naugatuck Phoenix Stage Co.!!!! Didn’t know it was a sleep over! 4 ½ hours of non-stop gut wrenching laughter! I’ll have laryngitis for the next 3 days, thank you very much! When my husband returns tonight from snowmobile weekend, yes, I’m one of the 7 from the lesbian section; he’ll be thrilled I can’t talk! Here’s the ‘siteation,’ my name is Dona and I’m a Dave Reilly addict. Seen your show about a dozen times and last night was a record breaking performance!!! Last night reminded me when my husband & I saw your show for the first time at the Elk’s Club. Remember the power went out? You pulled it off in your usual style! Since then, we have introduced everybody we know to you and get a kick out of watching them curl up in a fetal position writhing with laughter!!! (Kind of sort of similar to the way I sleep in frozen animation ‘in’ my Bob Opedic)

Thank you for a great evening! Loved the Phoenix, felt like we were your living room!

See ya next time!
Dona Lucuk
Naugatuck, CT


Hi Dave,

We went to your show last night at the Phoenix Stage Co. in Naugatuck!!
We took my in-laws, because you definitely have the time of show you bring your in-laws to, and I just have to tell you that this was the 6th time we have seen your show!!! Dave, this was the funniest show we have seen!! I don’t know if it was that toxic Naugatuck air or if it was the fact that the show was 4 1/2 hours long but we could not stop laughing!! We laughed all the way home and laughed some more when we woke up!! Thank you for a GREAT time!!!

Phil Ercoli
Watertown Ct
Hi Dave,

saw your show on sat nite in NJ. It was so funny…especially the “coach” what material!!!!

My face hurt from laughing so much. We saw the show last year and i was so surprised that there was so little overlap of material.

Kudos Lucy Bisbing-Korn


Hey Dave,
We caught your show last night in Meriden, CT for the Lyman Hall Hockey fundraiser and my stomach is still hurting this morning from all the laughter. My wife and I have gone to many comedy shows over the years from arenas to comedy clubs and we’ve seen hundreds of comedians. This morning, we both agreed that YOU were amongst the best we’ve ever seen! After an hour, most comedians have exhausted all their material and the audience has normally had enough. Your show lasted well over 2 hours and we could have listened to you all night! The folks we sat with had seen you 3 times and said that your material was new and fresh each and every show…a feat not duplicated by the most seasoned of comedians.
It’s only a matter of time before you become a household name and are recognized amongst the best of the best. George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Dave Reilly. Be well, stay funny and we’ll look forward to seeing you again!
Nick Yoia
Wallingford, CT


Found your show on and saw you in Clayton, NY last weekend on our vaction. OMG! I never seen a comedian live or on TV that made me laugh out loud for as long as you did. 2 and a half hours went by like it was 10 minutes. I been asking my wife for a “treat” all week cuz of you.

Thanks for the best night out I ever had!

Trent and Terry Wilcomb


I saw your comedy show in Ansonia, CT. The best comic ever. I have seen a lot of comedians in The Comedy Store and have been to The last Comic Standing Shows. You are fantastic! Will try to see you again.

Ann Gurske

Hi Dave,
Just got back from seeing your comedy show. You are one amazing, funny, funny guy! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long, long time. I would have paid 10 times what I did to see your show. My husband really enjoyed the show. I am a cancer survivor, so thank you so much for helping to raise money for such a great cause! I truly appreciate it. I hope I can see your show again sometime! Thanks again.

Theresa Marshall


Let me start off by saying my cheek still hurt from laughing my ass off at your show last night in “CAMEL” NY 5-14-2010. Lol. Hahahahahaha.

I have to say you are the funniest person I have ever met I have seen a bunch of comedians but none where as funny as you. My wife and I want to thank you for a great night!!

I have to say the “TREAT” was so good last night. Lol hahahahahaha 🙂

Daniel Romaniello
Southern Air Inc
Mgr. Heavy MX Materials


Hi Dave,

My wife and I went to your show in Canaan Ct. At the Colonial Theater. Oh my God were you hilarious. My wife had tears running down her face and I couldn’t stop laughing. That was a really good show. Even with that Drunk Guy staggering around. That in its self was funny. I hope you use that one in your upcoming shows. Hope to see you again…Keep up the great work!!

John Soldan


Dear Dave,

My husband and I attended your show at the Crow’s Nest in Johnsontown Saturday night. You were absolutely hilarious! I’m serious, we are professional kidders and live to laugh. You actually had my cheekbones hurting from laughing so much. My husband had to go take some pain meds for his headache from laughing so hard. We have already highly recommended your show to many of our friends. We hope you come back to Johnsontown sometime soon. We’ll be there!

Don’t change a thing!

Thanks for the laughs,



Hi Dave I saw your show last night and haven’t laughed that much for that long ever!!! If you didn’t get to most of your show material last night and just went with the flow then I need to see a regular show!!!! The best comedian that I have seen!!! I can’t wait for you to be back in town so I can see you again!!! Thank you very much for an extremely entertaining evening with my family and friends!! My nephew was the “Vanilla Ice kid”. Keep up the awesome awesome work!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl Drake
Pembroke, MA.

I saw your show last night to benefit the Whitman-Hanson-Pembroke girls hockey team. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. I laughed so hard I cried. I couldn’t believe that you could go on for 3 hours being just as funny at the end as through the whole thing. Thanks for making it a fun night out.
Mary Noonan

Your show on Sept. 26th in Clayton, NY was absolutely the best time I have ever had in my life. You were able to make everyone laugh, in every age group. And the way you brought people from the crowd into your act, and then re-acknowledged them later on for being such good sports, was absolutely fantastic. We are definitely looking forward to having you return next summer, and again, and again. All reviews were thumbs-up!!! t

Thanks again for being such an asset to our fundraiser!!!! I am telling everyone I know to bring you in for any event they are raising money for!!!
Donelle Thompson
L.A. Quarry spokesperson
Relay For Life
Fundraising Coordinator
New York


Hey Dave,
Your show at Clayton last night was awesome-or should I call this place a) the place where your GPS died b) the place where there is no Italian food cause they ran out of sauce c) Claytonville d) the place that hasn’t caught up to the rest of the world.
My husband and I were amazed at how long the show lasted. We had been to other shows but in no way did they last as long as yours. The other thing we liked as well was we could put the world behind us for a few hours-no war (my husband is a retired soldier and we have lost many friends in the past few years), no economy issues and no Obama (we have seen enough of him!). You talked about real life which made your show so great.
Also, love the shirt and got one at the end of the show. Wearing it this morning-hopefully my 19 year old stepson won’t think it is too true. Would love to wear it at the school I teach at ….however don’t think they would find the humor in it. Oh well.
Take care and come back soon. The husband says you should consider doing a show for our returning soldiers (they are coming back in small groups in the coming weeks). They and their families could use a laugh after this tour.

Sheila K. Callahan


Hey Dave,
Thanks for coming to Clayton.. As you can see, it is a pretty isolated area. It is unique in the fact that we go from a population of 1500 people in the fall/winter to 25 -30,000 people in the summer months. You started talking about Jebediah and the horse & buggy and the GPS not telling you anything else – yeah – my husband and I moved here 8 years ago and know the culture shock. The locales refer to the summer people as “cash cows” and I have heard the locales referred to as “huckleberries” by some of the summer people. Most are quite respectful though.
Anyway, my husband & I live in Alexandria Bay, 7 miles down river and we do have a couple of very nice hotels that bring comedy shows to the area. The Riveredge is one but if you were to do a benefit of some nature for a larger crowd, The Edgewood Resort is a good venue. Also, Kingston, Ontario is 30 minutes across the border from Clayton.
Keep up the good work. The 4 extra people that I told about the show are going to hear about what a terrific time they missed.

Jocelyn H. Merritt
Lic. R.. E. Associate Broker – GARLOCK REALTY



Awesome show last night in the booming town of Clayton. Glad we went and we had a great time. Going overtime was a surprise also! You may want to see about going to Fort Drum NY. It is a military post with a Division Plus of Soldiers who would love the show. Who knows, maybe they would take you on a trip to a sandy and hot place……

CW4(R) Kurt Callahan CSC, WTA- AVCATT SAF

Fort Drum, NY 13602


Dave my wife and I truly enjoyed your show. We thought you were great. That was our first comedy show and we hope you will come back again. I am sure after last night’s turn out you won’t be disappointed next time either.

thanks again our sides still hurt from laughing so much.

Terry and Brenda Bennett


You performed at the Baby Zachary fundraiser to benefit our son this past weekend. After all, how could you ever forget the greatness of a show in lovely “Inselin”, NJ (just a small step up from The Venetian).
My wife and I just wanted to thank you for giving us exactly what we needed…a night of pure joy and laughter. Our son was born with a rare cancer in January and has been fighting for his life ever since. Laughter has been tough to come by lately.
When our friends said they wanted to organize a fundraiser for Zachary we only had one request…please make it fun. We didn’t want everyone to get together just to mourn and talk about hospitals and disease. They clearly got it right the moment they contacted you.
Your show was hysterical. The smiles and laughter were nonstop. Everyone I spoke to said the same (well, except maybe my grandparents).
Thank you again for a much needed night of fun and enjoyment with our family and friends.

Best Wishes,
Bobby, Dana & Zachary Volkay


We saw you for the second time at the Infinity Hall. First time was Waterbury Palace Theater. My wife could not stop laughing. This time we took our kids, it was great to watch them laugh out of control. Cape of Cod, bathroom etiquette awesome. Great how you got SIDETRAKED all night with “CHEZWCK” the lesbians and “*** girl”. She almost came thru after the show. I gotta get a bigger group and get to another Dave Reilly comedy show. Also it was heartwarming to watch you open up to us about your pre-show accident.

Mike “Noah “Marcelynas


Dear Dave~

Thank you for an awesome show last night. Wow! over 2 and half hours of kick butt laughs and wit. You were spot on with follow ups to comments thrown out by the crowd and how you weaved them into the duration of the evening’s comedy show made me and my friends feel as though we listening in on a real conversation!

Cheers to you!

Michael Kabelka

Hi Dave,

We have had the pleasure of enjoying your show recently at the Southington Elks lodge. I don’t think there is anyone better than you.
There wasn’t a time or moment when the people in the audience were not laughing. Our lodge members and their guests were absolutely in awe of the funny lines and actions you do so well. They were all saying how there jaws and sides ached from so much laughter. There was even one person that said it made her laugh just to look at you on your poster, before she even met you. You actually made a few of us a little nervous in the very beginning of your cigarette/fire act. But they LOVED it! They also loved the part about you knowing of the apple harvest and apple fritters.

We really appreciated that you continued your show an hour longer than contracted, it was Great! It showed that even you were having a great time with us! I thought it was awesome that so many were buying your T-shirts. Personally, I had to have two of your shirts.

This show was our second time for my husband Jeff and I, and we want to see your show anytime you are in the area. We are ready in a heartbeat to have you back at our lodge for another night of awesome entertainment. Thank you for all your fun. Jeff and some others are constantly saying “shshshsh……………Listen…………..”I didn’t know”!!

Dave, your a funny guy! and you truly are one of a kind so we just love you!!! We wish you all the best for 2009!

Lisa Raymond
Southington Elks Lodge #1669


You are the BEST!!! I was at the Elks on Saturday 10/11/08, in Middlesex. I took my Mom and Uncle – you were fantastic, in fact, beyond fantastic! I have never ever laughed so hard – yes, my Mom said her neck was hurting from laughing so much and my Uncle had a stomach ache from laughing so much. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You were unbelievable, the pharmacist, the pill counter, grandma in the back and we cannot forget Dave “our Dave, our gay Dave” this was all so perfect. We were still talking about it and laughing about it today at work – you are precious and so very gifted. You are absolutely the BEST comedian I have ever seen. Thank you so much for one of the best evenings I’ve had in a very long time.



Just wanted to Thank you for a great time Sat night. My husband and our friends were crying from laughter. My checks hurt from grinning and laughing so much!

I have to say the best part about your act is your demeanor. You just seem like you’re having as much fun as your audience. It seems more like your sharing your fun instead of putting on an act….that’s such a special gift because even some of the most successful comedians lack that quality.

Years ago I saw you at a small bar in Torrington called The Eastside Cafe. I remember you started the show by putting a cigarette out on your tongue. And I loved a bit you did at the end where you instructed an audience member to move your arms and legs… Do you still do that sometimes?

It was a fabulous show and such a refreshing way for a mother of 2 to finally get the Hell out of the house! I should have stopped by to thank you in person. Next time I’ll be sure to bring more friends and family. I wish you all the happiness and continued success you deserve and look forward to the big news!!


Photo by “Your Digital Edge” Thanks Pogo!


Went to see you at the Palace in Waterbury on Saturday. Great show! The last half hour we couldn’t laugh anymore because I was exhausted and our faces hurt from laughing so hard the first hour and a half! Would love to see you again and bring more friends. Will keep your site on my “favorites” to see when you’ll be close!.

Again, thanks for allowing my husband and I to forget our problems for the night and just enjoy! You were wonderful!

All the best,

Donna and Stan from New Milford, Connecticut


Hey Dave,
My husband and I saw your show in Bridgeport on March 1st and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my 5th anniversary one I will never forget. I can honestly say that I have never laughed so hard in my life. I think I actually stopped breathing at one point. I have told all of my friends and family about you and of course all of my PTA parents. We are all putting our heads together to come up with a way to have you come visit us in Hamden.
Your type of comedy is outstanding, you really hit the nail right on the head with so many everyday issues. It kept my husband and I going back and forth talking about the show for days. Everyone who saw my shirt from the show was in stitches, and agreed that it was quite appropriate for me. Please don’t ever stop performing the way you do. You truly gifted and amazing. Thank you again for giving me the laugh of a lifetime, I hope to be able to see you again soon and share your talent and humor with my friends and family.
Tammi B.
Hamden, CT

Hi Dave,

After Saturday night’s performance, I told you these guys would be standing around laughing at your jokes and they are doing it right now as I e-mail this.
I am being congratulated for booking you and getting all the credit on an excellent night out. I laughed all the way home and we recapped the jokes this morning
for those who did not attend and the guys are still laughing. It is amazing to me, a girl, that the guys you made fun of the most were the ones who had the best time.
I know we were kind of a dead crowd in the beginning but you hung in there and won everyone over with your comedy. I know they are going to be begging me next year
to book comedy again. Too bad for those who did not attend; we thought you were wonderful!!!
When you get your HBO special, we will be watching saying, “Hey, we know that guy.”

Carol Welch
Teleflex Fluid Systems


You surpassed all my expectations! I thought I had seen it all living in LA but you take the cake when it comes to real life funny comedy. You did it without crossing the line, lol. But you sure came close a few times!! That guy Terry in the front row will remember you for the rest of his life. My wife actually spit her drink out when you were going off on him. Thanks again for being you. I will send everyone I know to see your show and I have a few more clients that may need your services.

“I didnt know” will be stuck in my head for the nest month!!

Nelson Manning
Executive Director
B-Roll Executive Planning
Los Angeles, CA



Excellent show tonight at the COMMUNITY CENTER in Wethersfield. Your comedy is insightful, brilliant and most importantly get wrenching funny. I left the show with my sides hurting from laughing so much.
Thanks for a great time. Now it’s time for me to go home to my double-wide.

Bill Gilbert
Wethersfield, CT


Dear Dave,

First I must say, “I didn’t know” my night out would be the amazing comedy show that it was. I had no clue as to what was coming after seeing your outstanding funny magic beginning of the evening. The entire night was filled with wondrous laughter.
Your views on life are so right on. “I didn’t know” I would be so exhausted from laughing so much until the end of your performance; you are fantastic. I am proud to know my husband did good, hiring you for our annual comedy dinner show. He was told afterwards, that you are the best comedian ever to be at our function. One person ask him, “How the hell did you get Dave Reilly to come here,
I know him from TV” giggle..I’m sure your wondering the same thing.

I do not need to tell you to keep up the good work, you already know this. The mixture of being serious and extremely funny to close the night is a step ahead of ALL others. A JOB WELL DONE. I’d like to be the little mouse in the corner when you tell your fellow comedians where you worked last. WE had the best night of food, drink and comedy. It could not have been any better.
Good Luck to you!

Thank you for coming,

Mary & Walter Niedermeyer
Mayor of Slatington, Pa.


Dear Dave,

After 2 difficult years of major changes in our organization, we booked you to entertain our staff. I must say, it was the best thing we could have done!
Your show lifted spirits and the next morning I received a thank you letter from one of our staff who thanked me profusely for arranging the show.

I spoke with several people who attend lots of comedy shows and to a person, the agreed that you were the best! I felt a little bad for Alan sitting in the front row after PROMISING him that you really don’t target audience members! Just a little bad though, as your banter with him was hilarious. I hope that we can have you back again next year as I know, through word of mouth that we could easily double the size of the audience!

Thanks so much for an incredibly funny night,

David Nastasia
Harbor Schools
Newbury, MA

Hi Dave,
On behalf of the Social Committee at J. F. Ahern Co., I just wanted to say thanks for putting on a great show. There’s still people around the office talking about it. I think the women were the most amazed at how much he knows about them. “now we know”. We had a great time and would definitely go see one of his shows again if he comes to Wisconsin again.

Screw it, I think we’ll have to come out to the East Coast because I don’t think he’s going to let you send him to Wisconsin again!

PS – Tell Dave to take his girlfriend up to Door County for some Cherry Pie (he’ll understand)

Thanks Again!
Jay Kilburg
Project Coordinator
Industrial/Process Department
J. F. Ahern Co

Dear Dave

What can I say… unbelievable!! I saw your show once and laughed all week long! Nothing like I have ever seen in any comedy club or HBO special, truly original. I enjoyed it so much and was having a 40th B-day party for my husband, and who knew Dave would come! If you guys on the site are reading these letters you probably saw his show, if not…let me tell you first-hand if you’re having a B-day, Anniversary or any other event large or small, forget the casino nights forget the strippers if you want a memory of a life time call this guy!!!! They were unbelievable.
I had 52 guests and received 52 phone calls as I was recovering from an amazing night no lie this is true.
What a night!! thanks for the memories. In all honesty people, I have never seen anyone as funny as Dave Reilly.

ps all my single friends want to go to “Disney land”. Thanks for the memories Dave.

You guys were awesome!

Andrea Akner
Holtsville, NY


Hey Dave

I drove down from Pennsylvania last night to catch your show at the Washington, DC Improv for Caron Foundation. It was freakin’ hilarious!
There was a crowd of people standing outside the theater for 20 minutes laughing – it was too funny to just go home! I had a shitty day today but couldn’t care less – my friends and I keep replaying one gag after another…

Can’t wait to see you again – please add me to your email list for concert info. Thanks for a great evening.

Valley Forge, PA



What can I say?…AMAZING! That’s what your show was at my fundraiser Friday night. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. We had some people back to my house after the show & we were up until 3AM talking about it & laughing some more. I’ve been getting phone calls & emails all weekend from people that attended the event saying how much fun they had. Thank you for a spectacular evening! Good luck with all your future performances. I look forward to seeing another one of your shows soon.

Elisa Dillman
Laugh For A Cure
Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Franklin Square, NY

PS…Contrary to what you may believe, there are no trailer parks in Franklin Square! : )



I went to see you at the Palace in Waterbury Ct.

I am still laughing as I write this. I did not know who you were when i bought the tickets, but I checked out your website and thought you must be great. I was so right. You were just so real, so funny. I need to tell you that this past year for my family was anything but laughter, my Dad died after a 4 and a half year ordeal with cancer, my Father in law passed away 8 weeks ago very very sudden. This has just been a bad year. We really needed to laugh, laughter is the best medicine,. thank you so much . TO see my husband and mother-in-law, laugh was a great site to see.

I swear I laughed so hard, you are you just great at what you do. I seen Bill Cosby at the same place not a month ago and I laughed as hard with you, if not more. thank you.

I wish I could of stayed and met you but my husband had to leave show early to go to work. Next time, most definitely.

WE will come see you again, we will be on vacation when you come to Cujinos in July but will look at your schedule and take all our friends with us.

You are great! “I didn’t know” will stay in my head for weeks.

Patty Griffin
Terryville CT
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What can I say that hasn’t already been said from all the other emails below. I can say that I visited your website before attending your show last week because I wanted to see what your show was all about. I read all the reviews and to be honest, I figured it was a marketing ploy because I figured I would have heard of you if you were as great as everyone says….. WELL, I was wrong. YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST COMEDIAN I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I have seen hundreds of comedians live and on TV and you blew them all away! I cant believe I laughed non-stop for 3 hours! You have a serious gift and I know you are on your way to the top!! You have another new fan.

Harv Mendelson
NY (The fancy trailer

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Hi Dave!!
I attended your show in Ford Cliff and what a great show it was. I can’t remember the last time that I have laughed so hard. And I didn’t stop laughing the whole show. Like your website says, my face still hurt the next day from laughing. I called my daughter in Newport News, VA the next day and told her if you are ever in her area, be first in line for tickets, she won’t be sorry. Your brand of humor is so true and what a gift you have!!!

I will continue to keep in mind what you said at the end of your show. How true that is, we all just need to be reminded quite often.

Thank you again for a wonderful evening. I’ll be telling all my friends and spreading the word about you. Can’t wait to catch another show!!!

Ginny Smith
Indiana, PA



I saw you last night at the Ford Cliff/Ford City PA benefit and join all the others in saying you were simply AWESOME. I’ve never seen a funnier guy and your jokes all pertained to things most all of us can relate to in some way or another in our every day lives – and that is what makes it so hilarious. I was in tears from laughing several times throughout your performance and don’t remember when I ever laughed so hard. I intend to watch closely your schedule and follow you around and bring everyone I can to see you.

One of my favorite sayings is “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old….you grow old because you stop laughing”. Thank you for providing that much-needed “medicine” for us in our everyday hectic lives to take time to laugh at ourselves, laugh at others and simply to “laugh”. With so much horror in the news any more, people like you who make it their life’s mission to bring laughter and joy into peoples day is invaluable. The 3-hour show was the best I’ve ever seen anywhere – and good thing it was that long because anything shorter would have been a tease. As it was, we still didn’t want it to end.

Lastly, your “serious” comments at the end were so true and we all need reminded of those simple facts to appreciate and enjoy life for “today”. Very well spoken.

Thanks for an unbelievable fun evening. I can’t wait to see your next show

– Ruthann K.,
Lower Burrell, PA


Dear Dave,

I don’t usually do comedy shows, I’m a concert kinda girl… but you rock!! I saw you at the Ford Cliff Firehall show. I am now a huge fan!! You need your own HBO special. The way you had the whole town laughing hysterically at themselves was pure genius. Of course, it so easy…a Western PA redneck town that mines mushrooms and makes toilets… great material.

Keep Us Laughing!!

Corinne Miklos

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I just got back from your show in Danbury and I’m still laughing. Your material, presentation, charisma, and stamina are amazing, you’re a true talent. I’m sure people routinely tell you that you brightened up their day and I’m no exception. Actually my brother Kris and his wife Cheryl, your sidekick tonight, dragged me out against my wishes to see “some comedian”. You see, I had some serious personal problems today and your amazing show made me forget for a few hours, but your advice and wisdom in closing your show is what I’ll remember the most, truly words to live by.

For what its worth, my brother and I laughed the hardest at the remote control with the dial joke, our grandfather had one of those and it really hit home, we both had tears in our eyes. Thanks again Dave and hope to see you in the future, I’ll be spreading the word for sure.

-Rob Taylor
Danbury, CT

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WOW!! I DIDN’T KNOW!! Thank you so much Dave for putting on a great show last night at Summerfield Clubhouse in Holtsville, NY. I knew from your website that you would be good but seeing you in person just was the icing on the cake. You were so funny and interesting to look at all at the same time. Your facial expressions were hilarious! Your magic was mesmerizing! You picked out people in the audience and just took whatever they said and went with the flow – it was awesome. I would highly recommend anyone to come and see you they will laugh their a-s off for sure!!! I still don’t know how you put that fire ball in your mouth and could speak afterwards.

Thanks again for a great night and I can’t wait to see you again!

Barbara Lorenz
Holtsville, NY

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hey dave,

we seen your show for a second time at the Palace, Friday night. What a blast!!! we left again with our bellies & faces hurting from laughing so hard. Thanks again for making real life so fun and for making the real life go away for a while! You are definitely the BEST!

thanks again
Southington, CT

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I saw your show for the first time last night in Waterbury, Ct. You were hilairous. I didn’t know how funny you’d actually be. “I DIDN’T KNOW!” haha, but you ended up making my cheeks hurt until the very end. I couldn’t believe the show lasted as long as it did and I was still laughing even after the show! Your humor is the perfect taste for my friends and I. Thanks for the laughs.

Laura Scaviola
Prospect, CT

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Dave and Joe,

Your comedy show at Summerfield last night was excellent!!! I have gone to many comedy clubs and enjoyed your show the best. I have never seen my husband laugh so hard or long!

As Summerfield’s Social Committee Co Chair I was extremely pleased to have a decent crowd that thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Especially when Dave played on the issues of living in a gated community. I am also the co chair of the community newsletter. In October we will publish an article and hopefully some pictures of your show. If you would like a copy of the Summerfield Hometown News please email your address to me.

Hope to see you again.

Colleen Burkhardt

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Saw you the Summerfiled clubhouse. I have not had such a good laugh in years. You are truly original, a great mind, and a great talent. Please somehow tape your “bathroom” skit – men and women in the lavatory – this is classic !!

I am on the email list and hope to see in in Long Island / Manhattan soon.

All the best
Christine Sheehy

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Hey Dave,

You were absolutely amazing at Cugino’s in July! My friend Tami recommended you after she & her husband saw your ‘act’ at the Palace in Waterbury. I’m so glad she did as you had me in tears! I felt like I had an abdominal workout when I got home. You have this incredible talent of making people laugh (“I didn’t know?”). What an amazing and fulfilling way to spend your life! Thanks so much for top shelf entertainment. The next time you perform in Connecticut, make sure you upgrade to the Bushnell, Oakdale Theater or Shubert as Cugino’s decorations were a tad distracting (LOL) !

Take care and keep the jokes coming 🙂 YOUR THE BEST!

Kristin L. Apuzzo
Carrier Corporation

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Hi Dave.

Best comedy show I have ever seen.. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face. You turn the “normal” parts of life into “hilarous.” Thanks for a great show.

Ann Marie
Watertown CT


hi dave,
my name is Andrew Vilardo, i’m 21 from Prospect. I came to your show at the Palace Theater on the 18th of june. I was in a bad car accident in October 03′ and ended up paralyzed in a wheelchair. I was very impressed by your
show, i don’t think i’ve laughed so hard in a long time. unfortunately i could’nt stick around to meet you and get an signature on a poster or something. but will definately make it appoint to see you next time your in the area.
Thank you again for the great memory.

Andrew Vilardo



you were awesome last night. Paula and I laughed for two hours straight. I don’t know if you realized, but my wife is seven months pregnant. She almost had the baby last night, with all the laughing she was doing. Dude,
you were big time funny and incredibly professional. We will be at every venue you play (within an hour and a half radius) from here on in. We will spread the word to all of our friends and family, brother.


I must say that The Palace in Waterbury was the perfect venue for your shtick tonight. Great hall and we had a ball. I’m so glad we ordered on-line and got seats just seven rows back. This was my 3rd Reilly experience and it was even better than I’d remembered. Your ability to make it real, as well as hilarious is your strong suit. Although I haven’t thought about straddlin the mirror since I got home my wife mentioned that it was only last week since she was looking at things from a different point of view. She was laughing like a nut-case when you mentioned it tonight. Yeah, not only do you have your shit together but you know just how to spread it around…Thanks again for sharing your gift with us.

All the Best,

Kuppy and Crew aka.
Pissuparope Productions
Meriden CT.


Well, well, well,

All I can say is that 2 days later people are still talking about Lauren and Ryan’s “jack-n-jill.” They also bitched about sweating the whole time too – but I think it was easy to forget how hot it was when you laugh straight for 2 1/2 hours! After reading your site my expectations were very high – and I talked you up the week’s before the event – and I cannot tell you how YOU MET AND EXCEEDED THESE EXPECTATIONS!

You were a smash hit. Members of the audience came up to me and said that for the 2 1/2 hours you performed there was not ONE lull – they laughed the ENTIRE time. Grown men were crying – it was the best 2 1/2 hours I have spent in a very long time. The beginning was different (which I think all in the audience were kind of struck as “I thought this was a comedy bit – not a magic show!”) and soon after we were “loving every minute of it!” With all Lauren and I have been through over the past year – this was by far the most fun we have had in a LONG, LONG time! The show was sensational! You now have 70 more disciples! We could not have had a better comedian at ALL!

We also agree to live life in the present – I think we all have a tendency to think about how life will be and not savor the life we have today.

With thanks and gratitude,
Ryan J. Blair (a.k.a. “Mr. 5-head”)
Product Manager
Latex International
Shelton, CT 06484



I have to say that you are the funniest comedian I have ever seen! I cant believe you were able to perform for over 2 hours. Most comedians start to lose their edge after 30 minutes but you were just getting started. I can honestly say that my face really did hurt from laughing. Its also refreshing to see that you were able to entertain us by not being offensive. I wish you the best of success with your comedy career. Please put me on your email list and keep me informed on your schedule. Once again, thank you for one of the best nights of my life. Oh yeah… my husband is planning a trip to “Disney” because of you! LOL

Katy and Carl Bergeron



We saw you in Las Vegas last month at the marketing expo party and I can honestly say you are the funniest comedian I have ever seen. I take in many shows because of my job…(LOVE my and I think you have captured a way to deliver stories that everyone can relate to. I was laughing so hard, I almost literally wet my pants! You are absolutely amazing and after speaking with you in person after the show, I can see that you truly love what you do. Please sign me up on your mailing list so I can take my mom and dad to see you too.

Best of luck with your career, but you don’t need it..!

Kathy Marshall
PR Rep
Vegas Vanities

PS.. If you are single, the blonde girl you picked on is my cousin and thinks you are a doll!


I was at your show last night in Lodi NJ. (Police fundraiser for a local slain officer). I have to tell you that I am not easily amused when I see comedy shows. I often find myself clapping out of pity. This was NOT the case with you. I laughed my ass off!! We were talking about you at work today and everyone agreed….that you were fantastic. The cops loved ya!!!! I don’t usually write letters but man, you earned it……You may have climbed into the #1 spot for comedians that I have seen….and I have seen alot. Excellent work!!!! Maybe we can have you back next year….I know that it would be our pleasure.

Detective Dave
Bergan County, NJ


Hi Dave,

We saw your show at the Butler Co. Community College last night.
We have never laughed so hard, for so long a time. My face hurt and tears rolled down our cheeks. I was the university graduate/job coach with Robert (fiance) next to me. We just thought you were great and SOOOOO funny. Thanks for giving us in Butler something to do on a Saturday night. We were home before they rolled up the streets for the night. Stop by again and don’t take the bridge over the city. Come on down.


Laura and Robert
Butler, PA



Do you realize I am still laughing?! I can’t stop talking about how funny your show was to everyone that will listen. And of course it doesn’t sound as funny coming out of my mouth than it does yours. It’s so hard to explain to people what kind of comedian you are. So damn funny! I’m shaking my head just thinking about your show.

I love how you use the crowd for jokes…I saw you at the Elks and was laughing myself at all the older folks in the place. Whenever you started on them I couldn’t even breathe! Truly you are freaking hilarious.

Just as your website says, my face hurts from laughing!

You are AWESOME!!

THANK YOU! Keep making people laugh-it’s truly a gift!

Still laughing,
Barbara Hatch
Boston, MA


Dave was great!! He was so funny, people called me all day long the day after, which is today. I’m sure they will be calling for along time to come. People said they were laughing to themselves all the way home and then telling their families and then calling people to tell them . I wanted more when he was through, as did everyone else. no one wanted to leave. I didn’t have enough either, we will be going to the Elks club on Sat. night to see him again. Every time I tell someone, they invite themselves to come too… A bunch of my sisters want their husbands to see him because they just couldn’t explain how funny he was!!! He is great!! I love him, can’t get enough of him!!! He’s so much fun… Thanks so much!!

Donna Libman
Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Never expected to see even a decent comedian at “The Lobster Barn,” but you were awesome. I’ve seen many comedians and I can’t think of a better show. Not only were you awesome, but the length of the show was great too. Many times performances are too short, but yours was just right. Your mixture of of humor was excellent and the faces are great. Can’t wait to see a touring date schedule so I can go with more folks to see you again.

Great Job,
Rick Budney
Simsbury, CT


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I laughed so hard I cried… My wife is the Program Director for Big Brother’s Big Sisters and was VERY pleased with the turnout and the extra time you spent (she also cried laughing too, by the way). I really tried to get my cheap co-workers to buy tickets, but they didn’t. I let them know what a great show they missed.
Let me know when you are coming back this way. I’ll be sure to have the wheels on my trailer repaired for the road trip!

Mark Nuzzo



My sincere compliments to you on your show Saturday evening. Your act exceeded my expectations. You’ll have my vote for a return next year.

Mea Scholl
Big Brothers Big Sisters Show in PA



Excellent performance at Kittanning country club on Saturday. I have seen many comics live and on HBO and Showtime yours was as good or better than any other. Completely satisfied and kept laughing all night. You worked
the crowd well and did not have a dead spot in your entire show. Well done and I’d like to see you again anytime your in the area.

John & Vicky Kirscht


Mr. Reilly,
Thanks for coming to Kittanning (Kiiitttaaaaannnninnng) for the Big Brothers/Sisters fund raiser. I thought you were very good!! The magic, the music, the laughs – it was all great. I couldn’t believe how late it was when you were finished. Time really does fly when you are having fun. We will definitely look for you in the future. Thanks for reminded us to enjoy our lives RIGHT NOW! That is really an important message that somehow seems to get lost in the day to day happenings of life.

Take care,


Hi Dave,

Hope you found your way out of the barn in Kitttinnnannninnninnnn. Thanks for such a great show. You are so very talented and we wish you the very best.

Mark and Monica Walter


Hi Dave…

We were at your comedy show at the Elks Lodge in Park Ridge, NJ on January 8th. We want you to know that we’ve been to numerous events of this type and you are by far the funniest, most entertaining comedian we’ve seen.

Good luck to you.
Amy Pouletsos


Hey Dave,

I saw you at Timberline, WV. You were great! Liked your schtick and style. Your use to the couple who had been dating for three years and the geologist family was great. My brother is a geologist (and just bought property in WV) and I can’t wait to tell him about your lines. Most in the crowd were like us: folks who live in the DC or Baltimore suburbs but have vacation homes in WV. But we enjoyed the WV jabs. Now I’m a fan or yours and would pay to see you again.



Hey Dave, What’s up man ?

I was at a show/party for Scan-optics in Manchester , Remember MANCHESTER ? How could you forget ? I didn’t know ???????????

Anyhow I had a great time , you were “great” Love to see you again sometime and Maria too ! Yea, Yea, Maria……….. you Know……..

Happy New Year !

Michael Swift
Pratt & Whitney
Materials & Process Engineering


Hey Dave

I just wanted to thank you so much for making our party, Sat. night, the talk of the town. My phone has been ringing off the wall with guest telling me what an awsome time they had…but the first thing everyone is saying is how outstanding you were. They are all asking me for your Email address. Even the most harsh critics of the group said that you are by far the best comedian they have ever seen. I really love the way you feel out the audience & work them into your act – that really makes the night feel so much more personal. This was the 4th time I have seen you and each time I laugh so hard my stomach hurts for days. You are truly an amazing entertainer. I hope that you really do read all of these Emails as you said because you really do deserve all of the praise that you get in them. I just wish you did’nt have to run off so soon ( at 2am ) we could have partied the rest of the night away. Anyway, Keep the Emails of your where-abouts coming – we will be seeing you again – definately. Good Luck with your ventures & what life brings your way.

Thank You Again
Carrie (Barbie)



Thanks for braving the wilds of Northampton at last Saturday’s party. You – and your new best friend, Elodie – were the perfect combination to get this season out of the winter doldrums. Your enthusiasm and professionalism (a lot of of “ism’s” there…

Sorry) to overcome the night’s slow start is a testament of how talented you truly are. Again, many thanks for making it fun night for all my friends.

Best, John


Hey Dave

Just wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the excellent time we had at the fundraiser the night of Nov 12th. Not too often that I would travel farther than 5 miles for a fundraiser (I would just tell them they were logistically screwed) let alone a political one. I however was pleasantly suprised with the killer routine you presented. When you came out staring at all I said oh bother not another wanna be, but you dispelled that notion extremely quick. Your patiance putting up with Shiela, the fun you had with her husband, and the enlightening conversation you had with their son on the phone was well worth the travel. The lesbians loved the attention, Joe Bob and Billy Bob and their Sister/Mother/Grandmother even looked like they had awakened from the dead and enjoyed themselves. While it may have appeared some of us at Franks table were not having fun, we were just totally dumbstruck (especially me!) I dont think I even blinked once during your act.

Anyhow, thanks for the great time, and I deffinately look forward to seeing you again very soon. Have a nice holiday Dave! Im off to do Florida 🙂

Bill Florenzano
Waste Haven, CT






Hi Dave,

We haven’t laughed this much & this hard in a long time. What a great gift you have!! I’m so glad you changed your path in life so more people get to enjoy this wonderful talent of yours… especially here in Oxford!! Thanks for sharing this gift with us. Last year we got to see Father Sarducci(& he was great) but had to leave right after & missed your part of the show. I’m so glad you came back here! We’re hoping to make your next show & bring some friends & family. (So glad to see we can order your T-shirts on line also).

It really meant a lot to hear what you had to say @ the end of your show also…To enjoy life as it is in the present… And also that “you” were able to recognize your talent in life & go with something you really love to do. There are so many people out there afraid to take that risk or who don’t recognize the talent they have.

Thanks again Dave for all you do…The stress is gone & the problems are forgotten…Life is good…

Spike & Debbie



We caught your act at the Colonial Tavern last night. My wife set me up as the big guy down front. Your show gave me a headache from laughing all day Saturday. No amount of Tylenol would help.
You are histarlical! You have a f***ing great routine. I would have have stayed there all night listening to you if not for the snow (in November)!
When you talked to my 12 year-old son on the phone, that was hilarious. He had some clue because you did it to our friends last year, but took him by surprise. It will give him something to talk about in school.
Friends of ours (from New York and the railroad) called us the next day to warn us that they are going to bring tables of friends for next year’s show, so start preparing some new material.
Oh yeah, even the republican pencil d*** accountant couldn’t stop laughing. You remember, the one with lead in his pencil. That alone was worth the price of admission. We have a new nickname for him for years to come (Stubby No. 2) or at least to next year’s show!

Once again, let me tell you that you have a fantastic knack for comedy and you are a great comedian..

Best of luck and continued success,

Brian K.
PS Remember Oxford when you make it big!!!



I just wanted to thank you again for one of the most enjoyable evenings of live comedy that I have ever had. Your show was just the tonic that I needed after the dissapointing election news earlier in the day. And I was delighted and suprised to discover that you are as personable off-stage as you are a hilarious comedian on-stage. I spoke with Todd (the club owner) and told him how much I enjoyed the show as well. You have a great show, great material, great material and a great time had by everyone who was fortunate enough to come to After Hours last evening.

I wish you all the best with the TV deal and safe travels wherever you may go.

Thanks again.

Doug Van Gundy
Elkins, West Virginia


Hi Dave,
Here’s my opinion (in the form of a poem) of anyone who has any reservations about hiring you for their function……

So you think you’ve seen all the great comedians,
but how could you possibly know?
Unless you’ve hired Dave and Joey
to put on their ‘Comedy show’.

Oh! you can read all their reviews,
and research them all on the net.
They all say they will sell out your show,
and they are the best you could ever get!

You start to listen to all the comedians
you can find on radio & TV.
Because you want a successful function,
So Please! just listen to me.

Because our Lodge was raising funds,
I did all named above & more.
How could I have known the success we’d have,
until Dave Reilly walked through our door?

The show was over a week ago,
and I’m still hearing positive things.
Everyone talks about their sides still hurting,
and truth to light he brings.

He focuses on reality,
what happens to us each day.
Though we may not be amused at the time.
He sees the humor, and tells it that way.

So your audience will be captivated,
until the end of this awesome show,
They won’t even go to the restroom,
even though they really have to go…..

Dawn Stender
The Manchester Elk Lodge #1893
Manchester, CT


Hey Dave,

Your comedy show last night at the Manchester Elks Lodge was hilarious. You commented on how you rarely have an audience like us, but you have no idea how ‘perfect’ it was when you went after the ‘hecklers’. You just have to know them, but you ‘know’ they will not live that down for months. I’ll make sure of it. I’m already trying to get a group together for your thanksgiving show… I have never laughed that hard before. We’ll need to book
you again next year… After you do the Wendy’s drive thru.



I just saw your show in Elkins… the bad news is, after all the things you said about Parsons you’re going to have to stay here! You were very funny. All the best, The man in the white hat

John Gallagher
Elkins, West Virginia


hi dave.

saw your show for a second time last night. this time at the manchester elk’s club 9/26/04. we brought a bunch of newbies with us and they all fell in love. the contestants on last comic standing can be thankful that you are not in the competition. not only are you funny, but you are oh so intelligent. i couldn’t wait to see how you were going to handle the hecklers. not only did you put them in their place, but you also had them EVENTUALLY laughing about it. now you and i both know perfectly well that comedy IS real. 🙂 but the large breasted woman and her groupees seemed well deserving of your digs.

i was only disappointed that they took away from your act. the one thing we saw last spring in west hartford that we missed this time around was the improv. will you ever forget when that older woman got on stage and grabbed your crotch from behind? now THAT was funny and goes to show, once again, that comedy IS real. 🙂

well, once again, i loved your show. i think you are adorable. i would like to make it to wallingford before thanksgiving. i hope you send out a reminder with the details. and above all, i want to thank you for your message. it is a sad life that goes on living, not loving what they do.

take care. be good.

cara christensen
coventry, ct


I just came from your comedy show in Wallingford once again you were a hit. I saw your last comedy show in Wallingford back in February and I was a little nervous that this time the show would not be as funny, I brought 8 new people to see this show telling them all this is the funniest show you will ever see. Every one of them had a great time and our ages at our table ranged from 36 to 65 not easy to come up with a show that would be able to make all ages laugh that long. I didn’t even realize the show ran over 3 1/2 hrs long. All 5 comedians were great. Mark Brennan the MC who I use to play softball with really improved his act since the last show. Not easy to do stand up. Hope every thing works out with you and CBS, looking forward to seeing you on TV and telling people I new him when he did his act in Wallingford CT Once again thanks for a great night out

Pep from Wallingford


WOW a great show Thanks for the laughter thanks for the soar face.
It made our night.


Michelle & George Darrell

Hello Dave

I just saw you last night at the Elks (I was the guy with the funky shirt you had fun with). I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time ( I think my wife literally pissed her pants). And all my friends that were at that table were floored by your act, If you didn’t noticed that is all we like to do is have fun. We all have very high stressed jobs so your comments at the end really hit home. I am going to get on your mailing list so
I can get some of my employees out to see you.

Bruce Major


Hi dave,

we loved the show excellent job. we will come to see you again.

thank you.

Guy Gallant



Just wanted to drop you a line again tell you what an awesome show you put on Sat. nite at the Manchester Elks club I cant tell when I laughed that hard and continuous ever.

Thanks for that. You guy’s are no questions asked FIRST CLASS performers!!!Look forward to no doubt catching your show again.

Mike & Lisa Sisson
Manchester, CT.


Hey Dave,
Just wanted to know your show Sat. night was AWSOME!! I saw you two years ago and laughed my ass off and did the same last night. What makes everything good to the people you joke with is the fact you have your serious moment ( a very short moment) at the end of the show. Well I have to go set up my doublewide trailer here in Manchester to get ready for bed. Thanks again for a great show.

Eric Johnson


Hi Dave
I went to see your show last week at Monticello in Meridan. I had no idea who you were or what I was in for….in fact I was very reluctant to even go…..but my family dragged me out to have some fun….
reminding me that I have been working too much. It was my only night off and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a show to watch people try to be funny! I was wrong…..I was very impressed with your style of comedy.
I found myself identifying with many of the things you talked about…. I guess it helps to laugh at yourself and it reminded me to stop taking life too seriously!!! Thank you for that!! I really did enjoy the show and was happy I spent my night off in your audience…..! But most of all… what you said at the end of your show….touched my heart…..for life has been pretty challanging these days……and your words hit home…. I left not only with my sides hurting from laughing so much….but those words pulled at my heart strings…!!! I just wanted you to know that!!!
I wish you much happiness and success in your career!!



Hi Dave,

Saw your show at the Indian Hill Country Club in Newington, CT on Friday Aug. 20th. You are truly AWESOME!! They should call you the KING OF COMEDY! But that would’nt describe you because your much more than that.
You are absolutely an amazing and genuine entertainer!! I was impressed with how you looked so comfortable and confident up on stage and the laughter never stopped. My throat hurt from laughing so much. I have been telling everyone about you!!
You offer something that not many entertainers can, medicine for the soul. Thank you Dave! I will be at your show on Sept. 18th in West Hartford, CT and I will be bringing everyone from CT. Safe Traveling!!
See ya soon.
A fan for life………..Bev :)~



Just wanted to let you know that my roommate and I loved your comedy show here at Wittenberg University. You rock, and are so hilarious! Thanks for so many great laughs!

Stacey and Rachel


Dear Dave,

I had the pleasure of seeing your act at the Manchester ELKS last night. I must say I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Must be somewhere along the line I had forgotten how. Thanks for bringing me back for one night.
S Grady



My wife and I saw your show Saturday night at the ELKS in Manchester,CT and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I can’t remember when I have laughed so much.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to catching your show again next time your in the area.

Greg D



Awesome show on 9/18/04 in West Hartford!! (Ok, it’s not the Venetian in Vegas, but…) My brothers and I (we were part of the minority younger crowd) went, not knowing what was in store for us. We laughed so hard that one of my brothers got hiccups, the other’s chest muscles hurt, and next day my neck and face felt funny!!

You have a unique perspecive on things and remind us of sh*t that’s funny. Yup, everytime I went to a public bathroom for a couple of days, I started snickering at what you said about male bathroom etiquette.

I’ll definitely be back for more laughs sometime…now I can really say “Been there, done that, and (literally) bought the T-shirt.”

Regards and much success to you,
Dave S.



Hey. I saw you’re act this weekend at the convention in Nashua, NH, and I just wanted to say that you were amazing. My friends and I haven’t ever laughed that hard before. My mom had been telling me about you for years, but at the time she saw you she said I wasn’t old enough to see you, I’m very happy 17 is finally old enough! I was so excited about your show that I went to your website looking for tour dates of when you’d be in the area so that I could make a trip with a bunch of people to come see you perform again. I’d love if you could get back to me with places you’ll be, I’m happy to have become one of the many who praise the great comedian Dave Reilly. Thanks so much for an amazing show and I hope to see you again soon.

hi dave,

i just wanted to email you and tell you what a fantastic show you put on!! Your whole act was so funny i am so impressed with your material.

one of my friends is trying to break into the stand up business he is doing a show with jim gaffigan on friday which he is kinda nervous about so i really respect what you are doing. well i just wanted to say that i thought you were so funny tonight.

helen scott



Thanks for coming to Wittenberg University. I am writing this email for the sheer purpose you said no one ever emails you when you ask them too.

It is my first year working here, not a student, nor am I greek, but it was fun to see a comedian on a college campus that was funny yet able to be serious at the end and pull it off. The University that I graduated from made Comedians sign a PG and/or PG-13 rider, needless to say we usually got the tamed down humor, it was refreshing to see someone so comfortable in their own skin and not having to hold back.

The girl, Ashley, whom you profusely picked on through out the show, licked her toes, kissed her, etc., is one of my residents. She was freaked out— made me laugh though, I think she tends to take herself to seriously sometimes, so it was nice to see her relax.

The bathroom sketch was great, amazing how well you can pin women… And the true excitement that you conveyed when you released yourself from the straight jacket in 1:23 or 1:21 whichever way you want to look at it, was
just as entertaining as watching you get yourself out.

Thank you for a great night- good luck with your tour and in life.


Melissa Jenson


Hey Dave!

I was @ your 9/18/04 show at the “beautiful” W. Hartford Town Hall and just wanted to say, “WOW! I never knew condoms stretched that much!!!” Awesome show. I’m telling everyone about the Thankgiving eve show! Thanks for the ab workout.

Leigh J. Parisi
MeetingPlace System Manager
Aetna Meet Me Conferencing


I am sending you this note to let you know that I thought your show was fantastic. The last comedy show I saw was 15 years ago at the Improv in California. I wasn’t impressed. I only went to your show because it was a friend’s brithday. We laughed so much that we never realized that you had been on stage for almost three hours. Thanks for changing my mind about comedy acts. I’ve already gotten a group together for a girl’s night out and we will be coming to your September 24, 2004 show in Cheshire, CT. You better make em laugh or I will have to refund their money.



Hello Dave –

just dropping you a line about your show last night in Wallingford. I haven’t been to a stand up show in years but, I have to say you are one of the most talented stand-ups I have ever seen. You had great original material. I enjoyed the lesbians!!!! I was crying!!! Your ability to stand up and perform for three hours is unheard of. During those three hours there was no pause in your material and time flew by. I appreciate your sense of humor and would love to purchase a CD if you have one on the website!!!

All in all, you are extremely good at what you do, keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you on TV soon!!!!


Hey Dave,

We saw your show Saturday night and I never laughed so much. I keep telling all my friends how funny you were. We are getting a bunch of people together to see your next show in Cheshire. Thanks for all the laughs,

Elliot Miller


Last night was awsome! As always such a wonderful time,,, tho you did kinda loose it on the “lesbian thing” that was fun to watch you straight face!

I went with my Hubby who basically has “no sence of humor” and he actually laughed!

Keep up the good work, the whole team was wonderful!

Lizz T from terryville


Hi Dave,
So nice to have had the chance to catch your performance, and to have met you briefly, last night; as I said, you are one talented guy! You are excellent with improv, and I know that is a skill that not all comediennes possess. Your skit with the ‘lesbian’ could not have been funnier, and I loved the schtick about Bob driving around ‘the yard’….just too funny!!

Thanks again for the tickets…really appreciate and enjoyed it….and, look forward to seeing you in Sept!!
Mary Jones
The Mary Jones Radio Show


Last night was the second time we saw your performance, and we couldn’t stop laughing!!! If the lesbians were not part of the act, you handled it beautifully!!! We brought 7 friends with us and they enjoyed the show… laughed all night!!! We all had to go back to the double-wide and put on clean underwear and fresh bowling shirts!!!

We’ll be back!!!

Ken Innocenzi
1666 Middletown Ave.
Northford, CT 06472



I was at your show last night in Wallyworld and had a great time, the lesbian act was too funny…… looking forward to seeing you again in November.

Good Luck and thanks for laughs!



hi dave,
I was at your show on Saturday night at the Monticello in Meriden, CT. I havent laughed that hard in a very long time! We’ll be coming to see you again when your back in CT for sure. I really liked what you had to say about life and enjoying each day cause you never know what tommorow brings. I know you wanted people to give you feedback about the show so I hope that they did!! You and the other guys as well, deserve to be told how great you were!
Have a great time in Vegas!!!!



saw you on 8/27 in Newington. I think your the best, i haven’t seen anyone as funny as you in long time. You are deffinately gonna be a huge success. I’ve already spread the word to lots of people. Love the skip with the women standing behind you. Even if you had ended the show an hour earlier you gave us alot for the money. Thanks for brightening my day.



Greetings Dave,

Sorry it took so long to thank you for the tremendous gig you treated us to in Nashua. What a show! You made me forget about myself and laugh from my belly. How wonderful to watch you do what you’re obviously born to do, make money at it and bring happiness to so many people. And kudos, for bringing your brethren out on the road with you; it’s a long time since Saturday Night. God must have worked extra hard on bringing you to the planet.

I particularly felt your closing: “Live in the moment –that’s why it’s called the present.” Laughter heals a multitude of sorrows; at least it does for me. I was so drained when I walked out of the show. The air smelled a little sweeter and the moon a little brighter.

Be careful out there –the road has a way of taking out some of the best of us. But you know, “in the final analysis, my brother, a man’s not going to be remembered by the vast things he’s accomplished in his life; rather his greatest achievement is the recollection of how he lived his life on a daily basis. Most of all be kind to yourself –God’s watching.

I pray for your continued success, good fortune.

Peace and blessings.

Dawn A.
Nashua, NH



You performed as the entertainment at a professional conference I attended this week and it was a privilege to catch your comedy act. I laughed so hard I almost wet the carpet. I haven’t heard such a raw, insightful and right-on assessment of male/female distinctions since Lenny Bruce, and I think you may have even surpassed him. I also loved your brief philosophical admonition on the past, present and future. The conference attendees were,
for the most part, a pretty conservative group of people, so it was all the more amazing that they booked you, but I am so glad they did. My zip code is *****, and I would be honored to receive notice of your future area bookings.

Vicky Townsend
Monterey, California



The Rotary club and Plant City, Florida loved you last night. i hope you will come back. You did great! You had to come out there and try to break through that brick wall and you did. we loved you.

Jimmy and Annie


Thank you for letting my group of 11 attend your fantastic show. Once again it was terrific. I have another group that would like to come see you in August, please make sure I get the details. Congratulations on your TV contract… And for making our lives and problems disappear for a few hours and replacing them with laughter- side splitting- gut wrenching fun




I just wanted to say that Dave Reilly is so funny. I have never in my entire life laughed as hard as I have at his shows. I can’t wait until he comes around the CT area again in August. If you haven’t been to a show you must go it will be one of the funniest shows you will ever see.

I also must say that Desi the other comedian that I have seen Dave with was also hysterical. If you get the opportunity to see them on the same night be prepared to be in pain from laughing! Keep up the wonderful work…



Hi Dave!

Just wanted to let you know last night my girlfriends saw you at memories and we had a blast!!! We were at the Elks club around the corner for another friends 40th birthday party and it got over at 10:30 so the 3 of us decided to go to memories because we don’t go out often because of kids and stuff and we thought there would be a band never expecting your show. We had the best time ever. I haven’t laughed like that in I don’t know how long. My cheeks were killing me. When we left thats all we talked about on the way home and of course that last act with the condom on your head!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to pee in my Pants!!!! Just thought you
would like to know what a great time we had and we will definitely come again.

Bye Joanne


i saw your comedy show for the first time last night in west hartford. when i left i felt like someone had beat the crap out of me because i laughed so hard. thank you. i haven’t laughed liked that in so long that i forgot how good it felt. i woke up this morning still chuckling to myself about things you said and did. you probably couldn’t have picked a better individual in the audience to help you with the improv. 🙂

anyway… i thought you were adorable and i wish you the best with whatever is in the works with cbs. it is obvious that you love what you do. thank you for being so good at it and sharing with others.

you are adorable!!

cara christensen
coventry, connecticut


Just saw your comedy show for the second time, and for the second time I had a headache from lack of oxygen from laughing sooooooooooooo hard. Thank you.
Kimberly Therrien


Hi Dave,

My husband and I just wanted to share a little story with you. We were at your Naugatuck show on the 19th. I was 36 weeks, 5 days pregnant. The show was fantastic! At 5:00 the following morning, my water broke!!!!! Our son arrived at 10:12 am Saturday the 20th. I think it was all the laughing from the night before! It is definitely making this birth quite a story for friends and family.

We are still laughing a week later!
Lisa and Mark Swanson


Thank you for the best comedy entertainment last night in Monterey California. Everyone at our table laughed non-stop until our cheeks hurt. (Just as your web site predicts). Good luck on your career and I am recommending you to all of my friends and family.

Jennifer Barela



Last night’s show was one of the funniest comedy shows we have ever been to. My husband and I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. We sat with six other people, but I only wish we had brought more people with us so they could experience the fun!!! We look forward to being able to attend one of your shows in the very near future. You are all we have been talking and laughing about all day! We didn’t want the evening to end, and when we woke up this morning neither of us had any voice from laughing so hard.

I especially could relate to the ladies’ room antics. I think I have probably experienced most (not all) of those things at one time in my life. By the way, how do you know so much about the lady “stuff”????? Also the audience participation was hilarious. I laughed more at you trying not to laugh during the improv. It was also nice to be up close and personal-it’s probably the only time I have ever been able to have “front row seats”.

I know Naugatuck is a little town, but we have big hearts and good intentions. You are a true entertainer with so much talent to share. Thank you so much for sharing with us and being a part of our little town for one night. Who knew last night would have been so much fun – ” I DIDN’T KNOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!”

Gail & Pete Calandro
Naugatuck, CT



We just got home here to our little trailer and I wanted to write you and tell you how INCREDIBLE you were!! We laughed all the way home in the car rehashing your routines. My husband and I are still laughing, my whole body hurts. You are THE FUNNIEST comedian I have EVER seen. EVERYTHING you talked about was right on- especially the ladies room stuff! Grad Night is a great thing that the parents do for the NHS graduates, so glad you and the guys came out to our little town – what happened? Did you think the agent said Nantucket?????? Well, glad you found your class ring…….we will be seeing you again! Continued success, you deserve everything that will happen to you……now
what did she mean by that……???

Diane Gruner
Naugatuck, CT.


Hi Dave!

My husband and I and our good friends went to see your show last night for the 1st time! WOW…an evening to remember! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, with tears streaming down my achin’ face, you kicked it up a notch, sides already splitting, lost almost total control of myself – next time, when you excuse everyone for a bathroom brake, I’ll think more seriously about it! As soon as
we got home, I popped a Tylenol, expecting a huge ‘hangover’ today from all the laughter! I’m still a lil ‘horse.’

You are truly gifted! Excellent combination of talent that is unique and entertaining. Bravo!!!!!

I’m proud and glad that you’re a prodigy of New England, which I hope means you’ll be coming back ’round these parts again real soon!

Good luck to you – wish you much success!!!
Thanks again,
Dona Lucuk
Naugatuck, CT



Laughed harder this time than the last time we saw you in smelly Blandon…You haven’t even left town yet and we can’t wait for your return…and it’s not like “we don’t get out much”…have been around the block a few times and nothing comes close…There isn’t another sole on earth who can come on stage…prance around for ten or fifteen minutes (not saying a word) and be hysterical…Thank You…Love Ya

Jerry & Elaine
Fleetwood, PA


Dave ~
I just got home from your show in Blandon, PA! You were great. I was saying to my husband on the way home that it felt great to laugh so much. All week we complain about work and get caught up in the rat race that sometimes we forget to enjoy life. After reading some of your other emails, it seems as though other people feel the same way, so thank you. I was at the table with the “uncomfortable mom” and pop with the “cool jacket” and Carrie with the “helping hands”. I think I speak for everyone at my table in saying we all had a great time. The only thing that bothered me was the lady that, apparently, had already seen one of your shows and kept interupting. I thought is was rather rude but you handled it greatly. Best of luck and much success to you.



Hi Dave!

My sister and I LOVED your show last night! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! You are hilarious! I loved the beginning, with your music, and your facial expressions…it was great! As the night went on, it just got better and better!

I can’t wait to see another show, and bring some friends, because you are one of the funniest comics I have ever seen!

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your show, and also wanted to find out where and when you will be appearing next.

Hope to hear from you, and thanks again for making me laugh so hard it hurt!

-Christine Sheridan
East Hartford, CT



okay so from all the emails I have read, your ego really doesnt need another boost! but you are the KING, on behalf of myself and all my co-workers at Continuum of Care, thank you for your fund raiser last night, we work in a tough feild (MENTAL HEALTH, ring a bell??) and as much as you were totally politcally incorrect, you hit it so well! I almost missed the show due to working late, and am glad I was able to get there in time, I plan to drag every one I have ever met to a show that you are in, It is true, My face still hurts from laughing so Fricken hard, and the way you made the audience part of your show was great! Knowing, when we sat at the front table that we would be “fodder” for the jokes, you picked the most perfect people to pick on, and life is a present, one never knows when it will need to be GIVEN back, I could go on and on, but I would only be repeating the words from all the other emails, Honest, I cant wait to see one of your shows again, and will recomend you to EVERY one I know!!!!
Lizz T, Terryville CT (last nights show was in
North Haven)


Hey Dave !

I don’t know how else to say this….you are a very funny….not good enough….you are a hilarious….no that sucks……you made me laugh so hard, tonight, that I needed to leave the room so that I could breathe!!! God bless the first guy that came out. He tried, but I thought “Oh shit! What have I gotten myself into here. Then the next guy came out, he made me laugh and I was already O.K. with spending my money during his show, but then when you came out with the shoes in the women’s toilet ( how do you know about that?) and the purple soaps and the guys smelling their farts and the blue water…Oh my God! I don’t really know what else to say but thank you.
You made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to be physically ill! Is that a compliment? Yes, it is! Please let me know when you will be in the area again as I am completely interested in becoming a groupie

You’re a sick bastard!
Keep it up! ( he he he)


Dear Dave,

I wanted to email you over the weekend but am having work done on my house and can’t even find the computer so I had to wait until Monday at work.

I truly loved the show Saturday night!! I can’t believe how great the show was. I have told everyone what an incredible night it was. I will absolutely go see you whenever you are around. The only complaint I have was I wish my boyfriend was there to hear your whole rendition of the correct way to visit “Florida” !

I was with a bunch of girlfriends and one is very prim and proper, I couldn’t even look at her because I thought she was going to have a stroke! That made the night even funnier. You are incredibly funny and I had a blast.
Thank you so much for a great night. I wish you tremendous success but I think that’s unnecessary because you are extremely talented! I have never seen a fire- eater before, that was pretty cool!

Again, Thank you for a wonderful night.

Dinny Cavallaro


Hi Dave.

Caught your show @ Il Monticello’s last night. OUTSTANDING!! I have not laughed and enjoyed myself like that in a long, long time. From the opening with your magic, your assortment of gestures and looks at Penny, the XMAS Shoppe monalogue, Mayor Mark, I had to get up so I could breathe every once in a while. Without detail I have had some difficult personal issues to deal with over the past 3 years. You made me notice how life really is in the PRESENT; not in the past and the future holds what we make of it. I truly enjoyed myself my man. I am co-owner of Gaetano’s Tavern on Main in Wallingford. We make the best wings around and a Sicilian calamari that has to be tried. I would be honored if you could have dinner at my place when you are back in the area. Keep trucking Dave. You are destined for great things!!

joe milot

Hey Dave –

And the really funny thing is this: your website and promotions contain NO HYPE at all!! Everything that the site said was going to happen actually happened! My face WAS hurting from laughing so much! I did laugh with PASSION! And my girlfriend and I did have one of the best times we’ve had in a while!! Your show was simply AWESOME!! On our way out, Marria and I were talking and we couldn’t remember a time when we laughed SO HARD for SO LONG. If laughter is the “best medicine” then I think we both just added a few years to our lives!

You have quite a stage presence and an uncanny ability to both perform written material AND come through with clutch funny improv stuff. Roasting the venue and the Saugus crowd seemed like you were just making it as you went – while the Home Depot and bathroom material was clearly pre-written. BOTH had us in stitches!! Personally, I liked the Home Depot and Bathroom stuff the most because it all rang so true!!

Anyway – we had to go off to another party, so we didn’t get a chance to thank you in person or anything; but we both wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know how much we loved the show and how hard we laughed… The night during AND AFTER the show was simply amazing! Keep up the great work and good luck with all your future gigs!!


Dave Henshaw and Marria Kee
(Boston, Massachusetts)

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First off I’d like to start off by saying that it’s Very difficult to make me laugh the way you did the other night in saugas, ma. I’m a fan of comics like Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Robin Williams and now Dave Reilly! I want to write more but their is no need. I once didn’t know, now I know!!!!!!!!!!


Eric Chouinard



I measure a great show and comedians by the fact that when a show ends-I wish it didn’t. That’s how I felt last night when you performed for 3 hours-I laughed so much, not only me but the whole audience didn’t want
it to end.

I’m the Director that paid you-money well spent.

Larry Levy

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Hi, Dave,
I saw you tonight for the second time. As I said to you on the way out, you were funny the first time, you were funnier the second. My stomach hurt from laughing.

My husband saw you tonight for the first time. It takes a lot to get him to laugh out loud but he was sure laughing out loud tonight.

You are a very funny man and I wish for you a long and successful career.

Good luck.

Adrean Abrams
Boston, Massachusetts

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Saw your show at the East Mano in SAUGUS!!! I came out of my trailor JUST FOR YOU!!..But it was for such a great cause you are so good at wht you do My daughter was afraid to go to this fundraiser because she also had a Brain Tumor.. She was scared that the talk would be about that… Wellll I never saw her laugh so hard it was wonderful ,, Laughter is very healing..

Keep on healing all of us Dave!!

Sue Lemure
Saugus, MA

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Last night, Nov. 5th 2005 in Saugus, Ma. was the second time I’ve seen your show. The first time was at the NA convention in Nashua, NH. My wife and I spoke to you for a moment after the show, you are a gracious person off the stage, and a complete mental case on the stage. My wife and I love your shows and plan on seeing you whenever your nearby. We have told others of your show, and the couple we invited along last night have become instantaneous fans as well. Thanks for the night of laughs, we look forward to laughing with you soon.

Dan Whalen
New Hampshire

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Just wanted to let you know my husband and I were at the benefit organized by Todd and Jackie Libbman and we thought you were just hilarious! It was my sisters birthday and her husband is Todd’s best friend.
We had such a wonderful time thank you!


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My face AND my chest hurt from laughing…….incredible…..far funnier than I ever expected. It is now past midnight but I just HAD to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance. I am now signing up for e-mail notification service for future dates.

Andy Desiderio
(The “Boltsville” director)

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Dear Dave:

On behalf of Unilever and the Q2 Celebration team, I’d like to thank you for your hilarious performance last week. Between the heat, the loud hum of the fans and your knowledge of our products, your quick wit left us laughing hysterically. As I looked around at my colleagues during your performance I could tell that with no doubt this event was a huge success.

Thanks for making it happen.

Today there is still a buzz in the hallways about the show.
Wishing you continued success,

Susan Doherty
Assistant to Nancy Diaz, Kim Drosos and Jack Linard
40 Merritt Blvd.
Trumbull, CT 06611

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Our community had a great time this past Saturday when you entertained us all for our first Comedy Night. Your improv was terrific and the way you picked up on the nuances of a ‘gated community’ really hit home and made everyone laugh even harder. I hope we can have you back again in the future and good luck with your act. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks.

-Jim Eckardt
(the guy who let you in the clubhouse to set up)

comedians ***comedians***comedians***comedians***comedians


Enjoyed your comedy show at Stepford, I mean Summerfield, on Sat night. I now have a built in excuse for almost everything I do wrong – I didn’t know!!

Allen and Judy Freedman

comedians ***comedians***comedians***comedians***comedians

GREAT show at Boltsville last night!
We’ll be watching for you on TV and local appearances. Good luck in Saugus MA I’m from MA and I went to high school with Bil Downes at the Comedy Connection I’m sure you worked for him at one time

William Doherty
Sr. Vice President
Vitamin World
4320 Veterans Highway
Holbrook,NY 11741Dave:

comedians ***comedians***comedians***comedians***comedians


My husband and I first saw you at the Palace in Waterbury a few months ago then again at Cugino’s. I have to say you are the only comedian who was able to make me laugh through the entire show.

I was a little skeptical at first when I went to buy the tickets for the Palace since it was the first time I had heard your name. But it was well worth it and when I saw you again at Cugino’s about a month later, even then I could not stop the chuckles.

Yours is the type of comedy that people can’t get tired of. You are able to turn everyday life experiences into comical events just by putting enough of a twist to them to let us know that we are all human and experience the same things in life and can laugh about them.

You are truly gifted. We will definitely be seeing you again.

Tami Kowalski

comedians ***comedians***comedians***comedians***comedians

Saw the show last night in Danbury. VERY FUNNY. Thanks for saying I was pretty and making fun of my deep voice! How backhanded is that? I was coughing ALL night.

ANYHEW, verrrrry funny. The funniest we’ve seen in the area (CT/NY).

New Milford, CT

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Hi Dave,

I saw your show in Cheshire last weekend and wanted to say KUDOS at an awesome gig. You are insanely funny! Admittedly, I don’t find too many comedians funny (not that I can do any better, mind you!) but enjoyed YOUR show so much – it’s true, my face DID hurt the whole night from laughing! I can’t wait to see you perform again, and already have you on my radar for our Cub Scouts fundraiser next year!

Be happy, take care!

Naugatuck, CT

P.S. I was sitting with the man you called “Hat”!

comedians ***comedians***comedians***comedians***comedians


I came to the show for the second time and everytime it keeps gettin funnier and funnier. I brought my sister and her fiance, michelle and hermom, and grandmother and two of my friends you are all they talk about. Saying that they have been to alot of comedy shows and you are by far the funniest that they have ever seen. I hope to come and see you in cheshire on the 22nd of july that is my dads birthday. I want to get tickets and have him come along its been a while since he has seen you. probably since cape cod. well i hope that you have a good time in L.A. and Europe take care and hope to see you soon…

Robert Rose
Watertown, CT

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Hi Dave,

My husband and I so enjoyed your show at the Palace Theater last night. I think it was probably the best comedy show I have ever seen, we laughed ourselves silly. For you to stand up there for over 2 hours and keep those laughs coming one after the other is incredible, you’re the BEST! I also wanted to thank you for the tickets, the seats were great!!!


PS Thanks for signing my shirt!



My sister in-law and I saw your show last night at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. I have to say that you are the best! We went to see Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood there in January and I must say you were 100 times funnier! This was my first Reilly experience and I must say I will be talking about your show for a long time!! Now I see you’re coming to Cheshire in July! (got tickets for that show already!) I will definitely tell all my friends to go see your show. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to laugh for 2 hours straight!! You definitely have been blessed a talent. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see you in July!!!

Anita Ferrara
Beacon Falls, CT


You are the funniest comic I have seen since Eddie Murphy. In fact, I think you are much funnier. You had my wife and I in hysterics. I never thought that I would laugh as much as I did during a one man act. I cannot believe that you do not have an HBO special in your future. I had tears coming down my face. For those of you who haven’t seen his show, you are missing one of the funniest comedians in contemporary times. We were so privileged to have you in Waterbury.
I look forward to seeing you again.
Fanol Bojka


Hi Dave,

I was a first-timer last night at the Palace Theater in Waterbury for the Dave Reilly experience. Your show was truly incredible. I was laughing so hard that my side hurt. Very few people have the talent to stand on stage
for two hours straight and make an entire audience laugh non-stop. You are ‘the worlds funniest guy”!!! I can’t wait to see your next show!

The “hot chick” from BankBoston!


“Hot chick ” Jen and i saw your show last night at the Palace in waterbury and “I didn’t know” anyone could be that amazing!! you have a tremendous amount of talent and you were hella funny.we’ll be seeing you again.

Colleen M.


Hi Dave:
I just got back from your show at the Palace Theater in Waterbury. Just wanted to say thanks for making my weekend memorable. I laughed so hard I almost threw up!
I honestly didn’t think it was physically possible to laugh for 2 consecutive hours—you were awesome. Hope to see you on tour again soon, so add some more dates for God’s sake.


PS# I will try to remember you when I pee! 🙂


Hi Dave,

I must say, it is true. My face truly does hurt from laughing! I’ve seen Howie Mandel’s show and Paul Rodriguezs’ to name a few. I laughed more tonight than both their shows. Every aspect, from your facial expressions, to the voice, to magic and jokes, etc.

Thank you for coming to Oxford and making me forget the two operations I need for a little while. I will tell anyone who will listen to go see your show.

I hope you get home safe and keep bringing happiness to others. You are beyond phenominal.


Penny Truglia Carbajal



We paid $80 a seat to see Jerry Seinfeld at Oakdale. He was funny, BUT… I laughed harder at YOUR show! I think I’ll need my hernia re-stitched. Thanks!!

Stephen Burgess
Naugatuck, CT.


Hi Dave,

The show last nite at the Succop Theater in the big town of Butler was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
It was the funnist show i have ever seen.At work the next day i was still laughing at the jokes you told.My wife never quit laughing threw the whole show and her mother was there also ,she is 73 years young and she had tears coming down her face from laughing so hard. You made our whole week because i know i’LL STILL BE CRACKING UP THAT LONG. HEY DAVE IF YOU ARE EVER AROUND BUTLER AGAIN YOU CAN STAY AT MY HOUSE AND WE”LL GET a case of beer and go sit on the new bridge that goes over Butler and then you can see what kind of town we gots.thanks again for all the laughs and my door is always open.
Butler, PA


yea dave i got to your show just when you were doing your condom bit, i spoke to a few of my friends at the bergen county police and sherriff’s depts and they said they almost pissed their pants. they told me some of the bits that you did and i couldn’t breathe and i was light headed, i was in so bad of a condition that one of the guys had their radio out getting ready to call an ambulance. any way what i’m trying to say is that you are funnier then george carlin in my book. when i get a party going i will definately hire you thanks again for making some of the
cops piss their pants.

kevin teel
fire photographer



New Jersey


hi dave:

I had the great pleasure of being at your how in West roxbury last night. I enjoyed you emensely….Good comedy is rare and great comedy is something we don’t see enough of……you are amoung the GREATS.

Thank you so much for making me laugh.

Thanks again
Betty Warren


Hi Dave!

My daughter and I saw you last night in WEST Roxbury – I laughed so hard my face was sore!! You were great and we wish you much success!! We are NC transplants-here so my daughter can play hockey at Nobles, a prep-school
nearby. I’ll be moving back to NC when my daughter graduates form high school-let me know if you’re ever in the Raleigh-Durham area-my friends would enjoy your show so much! Please let us know when you’ll be on CBS -we’d
love to see you on TV. Thanks again for a fun evening (hate to admit this but it was the first night I have been out for something other than hockey since we moved here in Aug.!!) Good Luck!

Karen Moffitt
Boston, MA


I just saw you at Todd Libman’s party. My friend and I were the first to go up to you to get your card. What a riot. You are sooo over the edge. I’ve already told my friends and family about you. Now I’m on your website looking for a schedule in hopes you are performing around here soon.

Do you even realize who you were performing to today? High class folks at that gig. Sort of funny knowing that. I hope to see you soon and buy a tee-shirt. I would’ve bought one today, but I didn’t have $20 left after buying
the gift. Just kidden.

Anyway, you are the best comic I’ve EVER seen. That includes at comedy clubs, and on TV. You should be in the movies, forget this stand up stuff. I am going to try to have my cheap boss spring and hire you at one of our events.

P.S. My brother looks EXACTLY like you. Almost to a scary point. You truly have a twin!



Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical about what i signed up for… but within the first five minutes, before you even spoke, there were tears rolling down my face, and the night did a full 180! You were on, you felt the crowd, you landed perfect and you made me laugh till it hurt. I can’t remember when all my friends and I got together and laughed like that, so overdue! Thanks for the great time, dont be shy to visit the “LOBSTER BARN” again!

Carrie Gent
Simsbury, CT


Hi Dave,

Thanks for coming to the “Lobster Barn!” I saw you a couple of years ago, and you were still as great as you were then, even better! Thank God I was able to get off my shift in time to watch your performance. I am very critical when it comes to comedians, you had me laughing the whole time! The shirt was a hilarious investment! If you are ever in the area again, I will definitely come and see you.

Take care and good luck with your career,

Erika Lange
Simsbury Ct.


I saw your show on February 12th, at Kittanning, PA. You were great! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

I am on the Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters and we really appreciate you performing for us. I have gotten nothing but positive feed back since the show. A lot of people, including myself, were pleasantly surprised. As you can imagine, we don’t get a whole lot of top quality performers in “Kittanning”!


Regina Himes
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Armstrong County, PA



Just a quick note to say thanks for a great show. It’s one of the best I have ever seen. Great improv! You have no idea how many farmers you actually had in the audience, trying to figure out what the hell you meant by some of your references but that was truly part of the entertainment and I can’t tell you how proud we were of out little community when you asked people what their idea of a great vacation was and the lady replied “Go to the mountains” I know you weren’t expecting that but, great recovery! The extra time was much appreciated. I just want to know one thing. What the hell did you do for entertainment after the show? Again, Thank You.


Slate Lick, Pa. (Honest to God, it’s a neighboring town)


Hi Dave,

saw you last nite, you were awesome! I was still awake at 1:00 A.M. trying to figure out what happened to the beer bottle and cigarette. My Husband and four of our friends were in the second row, behind Dave and Richard aka
“Big Dick,” ha, laughed so hard our stomach’s hurt.We really enjoyed the opener too, would like to see more of him too, but don’t cut back on your time, just have to have a longer show! On the way to the car after your show, the first words out of My Girlfriends mouth was ” I want to know who’s telling him about the women’s bathroom and the shoes.” I bought your shirt and I am planning to wear it next time we see you. Thanks for a GREAT night.

Jody Lookabaugh
Kittanning, PA

p.s. Really like your little speech at the end about living life for today, we’re always waiting for that better job, more money, really hit home.


I hope you had a great new year!

I promised myself I would email you that night when I saw you in Timberline, WV on 12/23.You might have erased that evening from your mind but I wanted to thank you for making the cold trip to the ski resort and entertaining all 50 of us.

I have a ski house up there and my wife had all of her family there and our highlight was going to be that night and you did not disappoint us.

You were hilarious. I asked my wife after the first 5 minutes. Do you think this guy speaks or is this the act? I was cracking up with your facial expressions. That was good stuff.

You probably don’t remember, but you were picking on a housewife and a geologist in the front row. That was my brother in law and my sister in law. Some of the family isn’t too keen on the sister in law so they loved it when you were picking on her for staying at home and doing nothing. Because that’s what she does. Good stuff dude, you are very quick on your feet and I think your best stuff was when you were making it up based on the audience’s response. Only a true comedian can pull that off as well as you did. I will proudly wear my Mental Health T-shirt and I look forward to seeing you again sometime at a bigger venue!

Bob Cusack



Hey I seen you in Dahlonega, Georgia at my moms Christmas party. I thought you were very funny. My kids were also there and they still talk about your show. My son is trying to become a comedian now. You or all he talks about. Well you probaly get alot of emails like this one. Hope you have a merry christmas.


heather etheridge



I saw you perform at Osiris Cafe’ on Friday night.Very funny stuff. Did you ever think about doing comedy for a living? Only kidding. The owner of the club (Sunday) insisted that we come to see you. Well worth the $$$$.

Thanks again.


Dear Dave,

I have seen you before and think you are hilarious. I do not live in Ansonia but know the Valley mentality and rumors of those who live there. I actually do live in a trailer and thought the Valley jokes of the Valley and trailers were side splitting.

Good luck on your future ventures,



Just wanted to say Sat nights show was great!!! Not a negative remark in the crowd – all I heard was “that guy is great” (I know that just makes your head a little bigger!) Have a great show Wed. and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Nancy Guimond



I attended your show at the Colonial Tavern to support the Oxford Democratic Town Committee and wound up giving myself a “gift” because of your comedy! Love your attitude at the beginning of your act, the way you win over the audience and everything else right through to the hysterical ending, and then, your words of wisdom!
Your the best comedian I’ve seen in a long time, bar none!

Mary Ann


Hi Dave
I told you I’d email ya! (haha) I was the one who said the comment about “going home to do a load of whites” when I was leaving. Your show at the Colonial Tavern in Oxford was the best I have EVER seen!

I have not laughed that hard in so long. I needed it after all we have been going through here at home. You were right, it made me forget all the problems I had for the time you were up there. I enjoyed that. Now I am able to focus on things better.

You have a great gift and I hope to see you use it next time you are in the area (although…why would you be in Oxford? haha) Thanks again for a terrific show

~Becky P.
Oxford Democratic Town Committee


Comedian Dave

i was at the oxford show you are one funny dude i havent laughed that hard in a long time my wife and i are looking forward to seeing you again

jane & kenn maher ( billy bob )



My wife and I saw you at the world famous Colony, in the heart of downtown Vernon, CT, USA, on Oct.22, 2004. The show was a benefit for our police associated Blue Angels Foundation, run by my fellow officer Bernie Hallums.

I have seen a lot of comedians and comedy shows, and I want to commend you on yours. I too was involved in the comedy profession at one time. I would have made it big, except that I’m not funny. I can tell you put a lot of work into your craft. Your jokes, facial expressions, and body movements were all killers. My wife commented that you, “were funny just standing still!” It all rocked !

Thanx for a great show !!!!!!!!

Dave Evans


So picture this, I took the day off Friday to work on a rock wall next to our house and after a long day was looking forward to goinghome and getting some rest before I go back at it again on Saturday. My wife shows up close to dusk at 7:00 and tells me she wants to drive 30 minutes to Cheshire to meet her friends at some place called Cuginos and see a comedy act at I never heard of at 9:00. But of course, “You don’t have to go if you’re too tired”. (Loosely translates to “No sex this weekend if you don’t go”.) And you just want to take her head and do you know what with it ” but you don’t – but you want to – but you don’t – but you want too”.

Suffice to say we went and I had a great time. (My wife was right) You have one of the funniest and original shows. My mouth really was hurting from laughing so hard. Thanks for the great show. You really do give 100%. I look forward to seeing your show again.


Steve Nowacki
Newtown, CT


Hey Dave, I told you I’d write you an email! My name is
Sarah Nichols, and I saw your absolutely HILARIOUS show at Wittenberg University (ya know, in Springfield, with the scary townie people). You did such an AWESOME job. It really felt good to be able to laugh about subjects we aren’t usually supposed to laugh at. Great job! Any chance you’ll be hittin’ up the Ohio area again?

Springfield, Ohio


Well it’s TRUE!! I have never laughed that hard in my life.
You and Joey were FANTASTIC!!!!! I had a Great Time and will be setting you up again for next year. We have never had a Comedy Night like the one we had tonight. Everyone told us that after the show. Thanks again Dave. Good Luck in your future shows.

Dennis DeLisle,
Manchester, CT B.P.O.Elks.


Hey Dave,
you were absolutely hilarious at that Elks Club thing in
Manchester. Because I am not part of the “Elks”, live in Manchester, or reside in a trailer, I thought the jokes you made were f**king hysterical!! I can’t wait for your performance on Thanksgiving Eve! Thanks again for making my face hurt (i meant nothing sexual by that). Love you long-time. See ya on CBS! YEA BOY!!!

Ashley Sullivan
(AKA: the church-going librarian)


Hey Dave,

We were at your show last night 9/25/04. At the Elks Club in Manchester CT. IT WAS GREAT!!!!
Thanks for the laughs. We are not from Manchester, were not elks and we have all are Teeth.

Bill and Darlene


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I loved the show on Sat night at the Elks in Manchester. I had a great time. I have been telling all my friends about how good you were. Thinking about going to the show in wallingford. I will definately see you again. Thanks again for the great entertainment.

Traci Phelps

I saw you on Friday night at Cugino’s and I haven’t stopped talking about you!. My friend Karen (“she wants to be slapped karen”), has emailed you also.

I just have to let you know not only are you ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS…
I love your MESSAGE ABOUT LIFE!!!!
It is inspiring to see you ALIVE and LIVING…
way to many people wait for “IT” to happen.

KEEP GOING!!!! thank you so much for sharing your gift of comedy. I will see you again soon in CT.

Carpe Diem,
Sandy Sullivan


O My God,,, Saw your comedy show last night in Cheshire,, Laughed till it hurt.. You were great.. Cant wait to take a couple of friends with us to see you again..
Thanks for a great performance. Kathy


Hey Dave;

I am the Sheila’s friend, Gail from New York. The one that works for Metro-North Railroad and does nothing – HA HA. I have to thank you so much for a terrific night. As soon as I got home I had to take 2 freakin aspirins because my head was pounding – I hadn’t laughed that hard in years.

As Sheila told you my brother Stephen was one of the NYC Emergency Service Police Officer that was killed on 9-11-01.

In the days prior to your show, I was preparing something for the troops in Washington, DC which I am taking on 11/20/04 that were injured n the war. I finished writing a 4 page letter that I will be leaving the troops about my brother – the title is THE LIFE OF THE MAN YOU FOUGHT FOR.

Well the letter was done and I laughed that night and the next day. I loved your ending – it is so true about living your life in the present.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My husband had your shirt on last night and we laughed again. I asked him when he was going to Florida – HA HA.

Thanks again for making me smile and laugh.

Gail Silke



We saw your comedian show last night in Cheshire and enjoyed it as much as the one we saw in Wallingford back in February. We are looking forward to seeing you again in December back in Cheshire. You are right when you say
laughter is the medicine… keep it up.

Karen & Sam Oakes

I saw the last probably hour and a half of your comedy show at the Nashua NA convention. I was…ummm…detained in my room prior to that.

Wow. There’s a lot I could say, but I’ve been reading your site and none of it is original. (cuz its all been said to you) Except, maybe, that you are the Springsteen of Stand-up, 3 hours, all energy, no downtime.
Thanks, hope to see you again.
Paul Melk



Your show on Saturday was probly the best comedy show I have ever been too. I couldn’t believe you were up there for 3 hours, that’s like a f**king marathon! And I couldn’t believe that chick was a lesbo, what luck! Anyway, I am spreading the good word about Dave Reilly and hopefully I will put together a crew for your west hartford show.
Thanks for the laughs.

Robert Graham
Loan Consultant
Toll Free – 800.943.8634



I have seen many comedians in NY and in LA, I have to say that your comedy show is the funniest I have ever heard or seen! I was thinking of hiring a comedian for my corporate trade show coming up in a few months. I am passing your name on to the director. You are the best and keep up the funny comedy!!

“I didnt know!” …you will have me saying this for weeks!

Triston Majors


Hey Dave-

I was writting to comment on your Comedy Show that was in Wallingford,C.T. on aug. 28th. My name is Catalina, im 21 and im model and a professional chef from wallingford. I wanted to tell you how much your show helped me. You see not to long ago, i found out/remmebered that as a child i was abused, and I hadn’t gone out anywhere in a long time just because i became afraid of alot of things, so life became pretty horrible, i couldnt hold a ob and i just kind of broke away from alot of people. When my aunt told me about your show, her knowing that i love watching comedy, i was really nervous about going. I told her i would go knowing that i would back out last minute. But something told me to go and i did, im really glad that i made it. Anyways, i know you didnt have to hear all that crap, but i thought you should know that your comedy does much more than make people laugh, it helped me with some of my fears. Dont get me wrong your funny as freakin’ hell, but you have a special kind of spark inside of you and i wanted to let you know your doing and excellent job, you have a gift. That last little speach you gave at the end really meant alot to me, so i guess i would just like to say thank you for a great nite. I was actually sitting in the seat behind those two lesbians that you took on stage with you, funny huh. Well iattached a picture of myself so you didnt think i was some complete loser haha. Well, keep on with the good work and thanks again, i would love to have you do a show at a party sometime. Later Dave



Hi Dave,
I was at your show Saturday night at Monticellos in Wallingford. Eeeeeeexcellent show, are you going to work lesbians into the routine more often? lol.. Anyway, I wanted to know when your Letterman appearance is scheduled?
Brian Bylo
A new fan


Last night in Newington my girlfreinds and I went to see you, we had a great time . You were awesome, we laughed all night. I would like to be on your email list for your shows when your in the area. I think my boyfriend and other friends would like to see you as well.

thanks Mary lozada@


Saw your show at Monticello’s last nite 08/28/04 it was great!!!! We all laughed so hard what a great time we had. We will be in Las Vegas the same time you are can you sneak me in to your private show you can tell them iam your lesbian cousin form CT

thanx Jim/Brigitte



great show sat night in wally world, first time seeing your show and it was great, the lesob’s made a real hit with me are they part of the show if not they should be, hope to see you wed before Thanksgiving

Robert Elsinger
Computer Technician
Information Technology Services
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Ct 06459-0134
Telephone 860.685.2127


Hey Dave,
I saw you perform at the Sheraton in Nashua last night.
Yeah, the “Hells Angels” of the “A” programs. That one delighted all of us. I want to say thank you very much for your performance. Anyone who didn’t see your show last night is killing themselves because everyone is saying, “Did you see the comedy show last night?” And then there were the people who left at about midnight, THE FOOLS! Fortunately they were my friends, so I got to make fun of them. They were still laughing though. I had a headache and strained facial muscles, and thank you for them. With all I go through in life , it’s great to just sit and laugh at the whole thing. The woman who tried to talk to you when you were laughing about the keychains was going to tell you that keychains were really an absurd thing to give to a bunch of people people who didn’t have anything to put a key into. You really touched a lot ofpeopleDave.Everyone was talking about you and your show after the closing meeting Sunday morning. You should have seen everyone wearing your shirts at the Sunday morning meeting, which is trationally the slot for the “Spiritual Speaker.” Thanks for the tip on spanking permission. I know every girl is a freak, ya just have to accessthe freakitude in the correct manner. I wish you health,happiness,and success in your journey through life. If you are coming to Boston,
please let me know.

Peace & Respect to you Dave!

Mattie S.
Boston, MA


Dear Dave

We saw your show last night at the Nashua Sheraton Hotel (July 31st) at the Convention, you referred to us as Shareka, and Sha-na-na..and we are still laughing. you were totally unbelievable. I have never laughed like I did Saturday with any other comedian I’ve ever heard. You never gave me a chance to catch my breath.
Even when you were standing still you were funny as hell. You will be hearing from us in the near future. We have told everyone about you. May you be blessed with you gift of laughter..

Peace and Love.
Mrs. LisaMarie Clay and Ms. Virginia Fredricks


First I Have to say thank you for comming all the way up to bumf**k nashua NH to make all us addicts laugh, you are the funiest guy I have ever seen live or or on tv.You know we addict love to laugh and have a good time you know we ave had our share of good times and bad and it was really fun to have you at our convention and to really laugh at ourselves I will remember you forever.

God Bless and Good Luck


Dave, I don’t even know if you read these e-mails, but I was at your show tonight in Windsor, CT. I have never laughed as hard as I have tonight- EVER! I went to school close to NYC and we frequented a lot of the comedy clubs there, and never, have I ever spent as much time laughing as I did tonight. If you do read these e-mails from audience members.. keep up the great work… if you don’t read them, and this is your marketing people or publicist
or agent or whatever, make sure Dave does not change at all! There were six very different people in our group tonight, and we all enjoyed your show highly!!Thanks for the memories… and side splitting entertainment, I will definitely be back!



Dear Dave

I have to tell you I have not been to a comedy show like yours ever before! You were absolutely hysterical. We’re still laughing!!! My husband and I, (I was the one who tried pronouncing “Asplundh”) and about 8 other people attended your show at “Memories on Main” in Torrington, CT. We were the table in the middle. You picked on my brother, “Mr. Muscles” and my sister, the blond and her “ethnic” boyfriend. I have to thank you for ribbing my brother and my sisters boyfriend. They both deserved it!!! Bob, our friend who timed your Houdini-escape routine, still has not recovered. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay because we had to get back to our 11 month old son and heard we missed even more laughs…We’ll have to catch your show again next time your in CT. Thanks so much for making all of us laugh. Your job is so important and you are the perfect person for comedy. We all hope to see you make it really big and I’m sure you’re already on your way. Robin Williams who? George Carlin who? Dave Reilly, yeah, now he’s funny!! Watch out Hollywood!!!!
Thanks again. You are “special”. Kudos to the other comedians that were in your show, Father Guido was especially funny too.

Best Wishes!

PS. Did you ever end up getting “John” the “special” Torrington resident laid?
Too funny!!!!

Jennifer and Tim Fleming
Canton, CT



I had never been to one of your shows before, but I will definitely go again. My wife and I laughed so hard it was like an ab workout! I’m going to definitely bring more friends to your next show in the area!

Newington, CT


Before Saturday night, I had never told anyone about how funny you were… but don’t blame me, “I didn’t know, I didn’t know!” You really did give 100% for almost 3 hours and I really did leave with a sore throat from laughing so hard.
Thanks for a great night.

Jonathan P. Costa, Sr
Performance Innovations
190 East Chestnut Hill Rd.
Litchfield, CT 06759


Dave what can i say besides “I DIDN T KNOW” you were so funny . I ll say one thing the comedians they show on TV are nothing compared to you .You are the bomb keep it up just remember take the rite way to the Cape next time
because those CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPS will get you ever time. My wife said she needed a Tylenol she said her cheeks hurt from laughing so much



Hi Dave ,I was at your Naugatuck, CT show on Wednesday 3/19 GREAT!!! SHOW Dave.



Hey, Dave,

I caught your show at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH last week. I think you are one of the BEST comedians I’ve ever seen, if not THE BEST. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. You really boosted my spirits. Hope to see you again soon. I’ve been telling everyone about you!!

Thanks again,
Take Care,
Kelly Kyle


Hi Dave,
Had the pleasure of seeing your show in wallingford this past saturday night. When you had Molly and “T” on stage it might have been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Fantastic.

I hope to get friends together for one of your upcoming Connecticutt shows, you’re alot of fun!
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


PS Let me know if you’d like extra promo locations, I have a busy natural fiber boutique and would be happy to help.

Brigitta Zimmer
Echo Trading Co.
Offering the World’s Adornments
386 Main St., Middletown, CT. 06457
(860) 347-3246


Hey Dave,

Caught your show at the Monticello in Wallingford, CT (Aug. 28, 2004), and it was by far the funniest I’ve seen yet. The Improv bit with the lesbians had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Every show I go to I bring more and more people, and they all say the same thing…” THAT GUY IS F’N HILARIOUS!!!”
See ya next time!!!

P.S. The part with you in between the two lesbians on stage, PRICELESS

Meriden, CT



We saw the great “lesbian show”, that was nuts!!!
Thanks for the laughs and your spiritual message at the end was well recieved.
Keep up the good work!!!
Paul H.


Hi Dave,
I am responding to your performance that was delivered in the town of Torrington I was the guy right across from Bob (IF YOU REMEMBER HIM). Let me tell you, I really enjoyed your show i have never laughed so hard so long for
that anmount of time, they where not lying about what the people have said about you. You are the great white hope of comedy a delight and a show I would goto again in a pico second. Dave I would like to thank you for that performance you gave, at that table most of my family and friends where sitting there and they all enjoyed themselves very much the whole show was great all the comedians they where awesome. Dave keep it going, keep them laughing and God bless. Dam great job for a white boy (he he he). Keep the love Dave and I wish you the very best of luck and sucsess.

Craig Blyther


Hello Dave,
My name is Siobhan Bradley and I went to your Torrington show Friday night! Before the show started you were sitting towards the back of the room, we were the table in front of you!

You are one hell of a comedian! I really enjoyed every minute of your show! I hope Chubbaa wasn’t waiting for you when you left!!! haaaa

I want to bring a group of friends to the next show of yours! I’m from Cheshire, CT but I’m willing to travel…your awesome!!!

Siobhan Bradley
Personal Property and Sales Use Tax Department
IBM Corporation



What a great comedy show Friday night at the Elks Club in “Naugatuck CT ” .My wife and myself didn’t think that we could laugh so Hard for 3 hours.We were still Laughing the next day as we were driving around thinking about your show. We can’t wait to see you again. Thanks for taking it easy on us sitting close to the stage. God how many times did I get yelled at for using the Guest soap and towels……

Sue and Pat
Naugatuck Ct


Hey Dave great comedy show, I don’t think I ever laugh that hard.. You weren’t kidding when you said you will laugh so hard your face will hurt my stomach was killing me too.. Had a really good time keep in touch let us know were you are going to be love to take some friends to see the show.

Thanks for the great time
Vinny & Lisa

P.S. Wore my tee shirt today and everyone loved it and I told them where to go to get one…


Hey Dave~~

Just saw you tonight in Naugatuck. Now, don’t go and classify me as trailer park stuff. I am a NYC transplant! I went to this thing tonight just to support the Grad Night thing.
I did not expect anything too great. After all, it IS Naugatuck. LOL Well, wasn’t I surprised! ~You were just too f*cking funny! Now, I’m gonna need plastic surgery to get rid of all these newly formed laugh lines. Fantastic show! Well worth the money. Hell, I’d even pay more next time to see you and bring lots of friends too! Thanks for providing a fun-filled night that allowed us to laugh at ourselves! Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors. (Ha–and you thought I wouldn’t write.)



Hi Dave,

Wow, you guys did a great job. I am getting all kinds of great feedback.

Things like:

” We didn’t expect to see 3 great comedians”
” They were funny as Hell”
” Congratulations on putting on a Fantastic show ”
” You guys did awesome”

It’s been a wonderful experience, and we have the three of you to thank.
Bruce and I are planning to have you 3 again, in the Fall, for our Greenfield Mass location.

Hope your girlfriend enjoyed the navel ring.

Love you Guys!

Lisa Davis
Pierce This 2


Hi Dave

I saw your show last night, you are really funny!!
I was going into the show thinking of sneaking out early, but you were to funny to walk out on, I am glad I stayed!!
A little tired for work this morning but I’ll live!! Can’t wait to see your show again I have been telling everyone at work
about it!!

Kara Garen
Corporate Benefit Consultants


Hey Dave!

Just got home from your show. I can’t even begin to tell you what a GREAT time we had. At one point, (the women in the bathroom), I was literally all but weeping from laughing so hard. We have talked about that at work, and to hear a man talk about it, was too funny! Here’s to a job well done!
Can’t wait to see you again!!!! So glad you quit your day job!!

Kris Larson



Saw you last night at the Montvale Police’s Benefit – very funny!
Really enjoyed it – keep up the good work and will look for you in the future!

Julie Chita



I wasn’t to excited when my girlfriend said we were going to this event it was $60 bucks and I had to bring my own food, so I thought it was gonna suck. Then you came out and I thought great first Guido Sarducci and now a Dice wanna-be,(similar look; totally different act) well I’ve seen Dice a number of times and you blow him away. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time I was actually calling people on the way home and telling them about you. If your in North Jersey I got a whole shit load peole I wanna bring to see you. The fact that you were up there for so long and the flow was just flawless. The laughes just kept coming and you didn’t miss a beat. Thank you for turning what I thought was going to be a shitty waste of money and a lousy night into a great time. YOUR REALLY F**KING FUNNY!! Please put me on whatever list you have and let me know when you in NJ.
Good Luck!! Thanks Again.

Bryan Murray


Hi Dave,

We loved your show last night in MONTVALE, it was the best comedy act I have seen!!! We were wondering if you were going to mention on one of your shows that you broke your record in MONTVALE (not it says on your home page), if so please let me know, I would like to see that show. Thank you.


Hi Dave –

saw your show last night at the Park Ridge Elks (Montvale PBA)…laughed until we went blind and our asses fell off! Thanks for letting me be your ‘hand job’ assistant. Your brand of humor covers a wide spectrum and your delivery is impeccable. You must be crazy. Crazy is good.

Looking forward to seeing you again. Marion



Great show last night…best comedian PBA 303 ever hired. The only problem that I found was that it was advertised on your website as Montville, not Montvale. Montville is in Passaic County; we are in Bergen County. So, you see we aren’t a trailer park (nor is Montville for you Montville residents), just a big bunch of farmland turned into extremely expensive homes. We really loved the show and look forward to seeing you again, somewhere.
Thanks for the laughs and face pain today.




Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your show last night. I was the lady in black at your feet! I’m normally rather shy, so I was a bit intimidated!!!!!!!
Funny as hell. Thanks for the laughs.

Sharon Falinski



The energy needed to hold an audience for over two hours is incredible. (Even though we gave you a break half way through.)

I was thoroughly entertained the entire time and appreciated the chance to go out and laugh out loud all night. Well done.

R Fyfe
Montvale, NJ



I just saw your show last night at a PBA fundraiser…and I have never laughed so hard! You are absolutely the funniest comedian I have ever seen. This was the 5th show we have run, and you were, hands down, the best headliner to date! I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and commented that you were the best they had ever seen! Your material is hysterical…(the “fart” bit was just too funny…!) and I can’t wait to see your show again! Thanks for a great night full of laughs!

Allison (one of the “chick cops”)


Hi Dave, Joey, and Desi,
I absolutely loved the show. I had no intention of going to a comedy show, felt that it would be like something I have seen in the past. Where the jokes are kinda far fetched and difficult to understand. What was great is you kept things real simple for us, which is what we need, and based everything on real life experiences. All of you were great and should be applauded. I was suppose to stay home and do homework and prep work for my students next week and I am so glad I took a break to see your show. Again, I never thought I would enjoy a comedy show but found out I was totally wrong. I will check out your upcoming shows here and there. Who knows maybe we will meet again. You should record a show and sell them at your shows. I think people would love to purchase a video of your show. Well the present tells me to get back on track with homework and my students. It is obvious you all love what you do and that is the key to success. Our success needs to be fed with passion without it we become hum drum employees. You are all gifted with this passion and it is great to see this.

Thanks for the good time,
Eva Young


I did laugh so hard my face hurt. You know when you are googling over a baby and smiling so much your cheek bones ache. Well thats what happened. I heard about the show last minute and went out with 2 friends to see you. I am so glad I did. Laughter is truly the best medicine and what you said about life being to short was exactly what I needed to hear. I am going through some really trying times right now and you are what the doctor ordered. I have only seen comics on Tv. So I was amazed with how hard you worked that crowd. Everything you talked about I could relate to.
I am a recently seperated female 46 years young. You talked about my soon to be ex, Hes the one that had the control of the remote,and I appreciated your humor on that subject. The expressions you make are hillarious. Thanks for coming to” Wallyworld” and Meriden and making my weekend a lot more enjoyable. I am gonna try and go to another one of your side splitting performances. I will have to bring a lot more of my friends too.
They also could benefit from your Act.
Take care………..Chris from Wallingford


Hey dave,

i was at your show the other night in woosta …lol…you had me insane, i haven’t laughed like that in a while…great f**king show…you are one funny bastard…the thing i loved the most is you were right on…every
single thing you said was so damn true. your opening oh my god, i loved it, i wish i were in the front row, i would have had fun with you…when you ever came out the way you did, and what you did, i will think about you for awhile…hilarious. thanks for a great night, i will see you again.

a new fan from worcester,



I just got home from your show in Reading. You were fantastic! I laughed my a– off! Your show was amazing from start to finish. I’ve seen a lot of comedians and you are definitely one of the funniest I’ve seen in a looooooong time. Your bit about the Ladies Room had me crying. As a recovering person, I found your 12 step/recovery stuff absolutely hysterical too. I’m going to tell everyone I know that they should see you if you
are ever in their area and I hope to see you on HBO sometime soon.
Thanks for a night of laughs!!



I’ve seen comedians, so I thought, until I saw you last night. Meridan /Wallingford will never be the same. I was still talking about you to people tonight. I laughed so hard my head hurt. I related to the Christmas tree story, because I did everything you described, and the bathroom story, a scream and oh so true!!!!!. I can’t wait to see you again


Your show in Wallingford/Meriden tonight was absoultely hilarious. It is the best show I have every seen. My sides hurt from laughing so much. You’ve decribed the Ladies bathroom perfectly. Looking forward to seeing you again.



i can’t remember ever laughing so hard in my life. you were so funny i was hurting from laughing so hard. you hit on so many real subjects it was a laughfest the minute you got on stage. you’ll be a hard act to follow. we’ve seen the best…now what? great show. rick


What a show!! You have got it down brother! It didn’t matter whether you were on the Wallingford or Meriden side of the hall…you were hysterical!! I laughed so friggin’ hard that I actually had a headache…..oxygen depletion I guess. Your humor and serious words were inspirational. I just came back from the dealer……I bought me a double wide. Keep up the great work! Watch out for blue water!! Here’s to your continued success!! Now pass me some toilet paper you asshole!!



hi dave, i saw your show last night, and you were hysterical, i was laughing from start to finish. you got everybody to laugh at life for a while. we are way too serious sometimes. your inspirational words at the end will stay with me forever..that the present is a gift…you are so right..thanks for a great evening…signed…a new fan…

Gary Marcus

A message from Dave

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to send the great e-mails!
As you can probably tell, I really LOVE comedy and the chance to make people forget about life for a while.  I just tell-it-like-it-is and people seem to find it funny ; ) … OK,,, OK,,, Maybe I put a little twist on it!!
Thanks again for the feedback…Keep the e-mails coming and I will keep the comedy going!

Thanks again to all my fans out there for supporting my habit!

If you have seen a Dave Reilly Comedy Show,
Please e-mail us here and tell us what ya thought of the show.