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Comedian Dave Reilly is a natural “funny guy” that works nationwide and specializes in comedy night fundraisers for non profits and charity organizations. Dave’s comic material is a mix of off the cuff improv and real life situational material that everyone can relate to. Dave will take your group and/or organization and make them part of the show in a way that your audience will love. Comedian Dave Reilly performs his act to conform to the audience that happens to be in front of him at any given time so each show is a unique performance. Dave’s material ranges between PG and rated R depending on the type of show requested. Daves show is “old school” and this means he doesn’t always play it safe because “safe: isn’t funny. None of his material comes from a place of hate and everyone is a target at his show. He is an equal opportunity roast master!

Dave has been performing his cavalcade of comedy for over 20 years! Movies, TV, Radio, Clubs, Fundraiser, Corporate…you name it, he’s done it. But his niche in life is performing for corporate and fund raising comedy shows.

Dave was seen in the 2009 movie “Tick-Tock” (was such a great movie that it went straight to garbage. lol … by passed the big screen, DVD and Netflix!)

Luckily dave didn’t follow his acting path but continued on to become one of the funniest stand up comedians that you may of never heard of!  Because Dave has made an amazing living at performing his stand up act for private shows he never chased fame and fortune via TV shows.  But that doesn’t make him any less funny than the “famous comedians” with recognizable names.  We challenge you to come see a Dave Reilly show in person and you too will become a huge fan of his unique style of comedy!