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Testimonial #100

I just wanted to thank you so much for making our party, Sat. night, the talk of the town. My phone has been ringing off the wall with guest telling me what an awsome time they had…but the first thing everyone is saying is how outstanding you were. They are all asking me for your Email address. Even the most harsh critics of the group said that you are by far the best comedian they have ever seen. I really love the way you feel out the audience & work them into your act – that really makes the night feel so much more personal. This was the 4th time I have seen you and each time I laugh so hard my stomach hurts for days. You are truly an amazing entertainer. I hope that you really do read all of these Emails as you said because you really do deserve all of the praise that you get in them. I just wish you did’nt have to run off so soon ( at 2am ) we could have partied the rest of the night away. Anyway, Keep the Emails of your where-abouts coming – we will be seeing you again – definately. Good Luck with your ventures & what life brings your way.

Carrie (Barbie)