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Testimonial #104

We haven’t laughed this much & this hard in a long time. What a great gift you have!! I’m so glad you changed your path in life so more people get to enjoy this wonderful talent of yours… especially here in Oxford!! Thanks for sharing this gift with us. Last year we got to see Father Sarducci(& he was great) but had to leave right after & missed your part of the show. I’m so glad you came back here! We’re hoping to make your next show & bring some friends & family. (So glad to see we can order your T-shirts on line also).

It really meant a lot to hear what you had to say @ the end of your show also…To enjoy life as it is in the present… And also that “you” were able to recognize your talent in life & go with something you really love to do. There are so many people out there afraid to take that risk or who don’t recognize the talent they have.

Thanks again Dave for all you do…The stress is gone & the problems are forgotten…Life is good…

Spike & Debbie