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Testimonial #110

saw your show for a second time last night. this time at the manchester elk’s club 9/26/04. we brought a bunch of newbies with us and they all fell in love. the contestants on last comic standing can be thankful that you are not in the competition. not only are you funny, but you are oh so intelligent. i couldn’t wait to see how you were going to handle the hecklers. not only did you put them in their place, but you also had them EVENTUALLY laughing about it. now you and i both know perfectly well that comedy IS real. 🙂 but the large breasted woman and her groupees seemed well deserving of your digs.

i was only disappointed that they took away from your act. the one thing we saw last spring in west hartford that we missed this time around was the improv. will you ever forget when that older woman got on stage and grabbed your crotch from behind? now THAT was funny and goes to show, once again, that comedy IS real. 🙂

well, once again, i loved your show. i think you are adorable. i would like to make it to wallingford before thanksgiving. i hope you send out a reminder with the details. and above all, i want to thank you for your message. it is a sad life that goes on living, not loving what they do.

take care. be good.

cara christensen coventry, ct