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Testimonial #111

I just came from your comedy show in Wallingford once again you were a hit. I saw your last comedy show in Wallingford back in February and I was a little nervous that this time the show would not be as funny, I brought 8 new people to see this show telling them all this is the funniest show you will ever see. Every one of them had a great time and our ages at our table ranged from 36 to 65 not easy to come up with a show that would be able to make all ages laugh that long. I didn’t even realize the show ran over 3 1/2 hrs long. All 5 comedians were great. Mark Brennan the MC who I use to play softball with really improved his act since the last show. Not easy to do stand up. Hope every thing works out with you and CBS, looking forward to seeing you on TV and telling people I new him when he did his act in Wallingford CT Once again thanks for a great night out

Pep Wallingford