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Testimonial #12

Wow what a show !!! My wife and I got a call last night at about 5 Pm that our friends had some extra Beef and Beer tickets (fundraiser to all that live outside of Jersey). We live about 30 miles away in Washington Township. So I was not so quick to jump on for a beef and beer. None the less in Millville. My buddy John Scotti said that he had seen you on Lettermen and heard that you had been on HBO. I’ll be quite honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect.

We go to comedy shows all the time in Philly and AC. We watch last comic standing every time it is on. You are up there with some of the most funny people I have ever witnessed.

On the way home my wife and I agreed that you were better then Larry the Cable Guy who we saw 2 weeks ago and better then Dane Cook who we saw earlier this year. We laughed our asses off and several times had to wipe the laughter tears away.

Dude I would refer you to anyone who is looking for a entertainer for a event. And I will be talking about your show to my friends, family and colleagues until the next time I see you.

Til the next time Bro !!!!

Curt Tegeler Executive Vice President<br>ScreenDreamer, LLC