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Testimonial #146

Last night’s show was one of the funniest comedy shows we have ever been to. My husband and I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. We sat with six other people, but I only wish we had brought more people with us so they could experience the fun!!! We look forward to being able to attend one of your shows in the very near future. You are all we have been talking and laughing about all day! We didn’t want the evening to end, and when we woke up this morning neither of us had any voice from laughing so hard.

I especially could relate to the ladies’ room antics. I think I have probably experienced most (not all) of those things at one time in my life. By the way, how do you know so much about the lady “stuff”????? Also the audience participation was hilarious. I laughed more at you trying not to laugh during the improv. It was also nice to be up close and personal-it’s probably the only time I have ever been able to have “front row seats”.

I know Naugatuck is a little town, but we have big hearts and good intentions. You are a true entertainer with so much talent to share. Thank you so much for sharing with us and being a part of our little town for one night. Who knew last night would have been so much fun – ” I DIDN’T KNOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!”

Gail & Pete Calandro Naugatuck, CT