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Testimonial #152

okay so from all the emails I have read, your ego really doesnt need another boost! but you are the KING, on behalf of myself and all my co-workers at Continuum of Care, thank you for your fund raiser last night, we work in a tough feild (MENTAL HEALTH, ring a bell??) and as much as you were totally politcally incorrect, you hit it so well! I almost missed the show due to working late, and am glad I was able to get there in time, I plan to drag every one I have ever met to a show that you are in, It is true, My face still hurts from laughing so Fricken hard, and the way you made the audience part of your show was great! Knowing, when we sat at the front table that we would be “fodder” for the jokes, you picked the most perfect people to pick on, and life is a present, one never knows when it will need to be GIVEN back, I could go on and on, but I would only be repeating the words from all the other emails, Honest, I cant wait to see one of your shows again, and will recomend you to EVERY one I know!!!!

Lizz T Terryville CT