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Testimonial #154

I wanted to email you over the weekend but am having work done on my house and can’t even find the computer so I had to wait until Monday at work.

I truly loved the show Saturday night!! I can’t believe how great the show was. I have told everyone what an incredible night it was. I will absolutely go see you whenever you are around. The only complaint I have was I wish my boyfriend was there to hear your whole rendition of the correct way to visit “Florida” !

I was with a bunch of girlfriends and one is very prim and proper, I couldn’t even look at her because I thought she was going to have a stroke! That made the night even funnier. You are incredibly funny and I had a blast.
Thank you so much for a great night. I wish you tremendous success but I think that’s unnecessary because you are extremely talented! I have never seen a fire- eater before, that was pretty cool!

Again, Thank you for a wonderful night.

Dinny Cavallaro