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Testimonial #155

Caught your show @ Il Monticello’s last night. OUTSTANDING!! I have not laughed and enjoyed myself like that in a long, long time. From the opening with your magic, your assortment of gestures and looks at Penny, the XMAS Shoppe monalogue, Mayor Mark, I had to get up so I could breathe every once in a while. Without detail I have had some difficult personal issues to deal with over the past 3 years. You made me notice how life really is in the PRESENT; not in the past and the future holds what we make of it. I truly enjoyed myself my man. I am co-owner of Gaetano’s Tavern on Main in Wallingford. We make the best wings around and a Sicilian calamari that has to be tried. I would be honored if you could have dinner at my place when you are back in the area. Keep trucking Dave. You are destined for great things!!

joe milot