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Testimonial #169

My husband and I first saw you at the Palace in Waterbury a few months ago then again at Cugino’s. I have to say you are the only comedian who was able to make me laugh through the entire show.

I was a little skeptical at first when I went to buy the tickets for the Palace since it was the first time I had heard your name. But it was well worth it and when I saw you again at Cugino’s about a month later, even then I could not stop the chuckles.

Yours is the type of comedy that people can’t get tired of. You are able to turn everyday life experiences into comical events just by putting enough of a twist to them to let us know that we are all human and experience the same things in life and can laugh about them.

You are truly gifted. We will definitely be seeing you again.

Tami Kowalski