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Testimonial #186

I just saw you at Todd Libman’s party. My friend and I were the first to go up to you to get your card. What a riot. You are sooo over the edge. I’ve already told my friends and family about you. Now I’m on your website looking for a schedule in hopes you are performing around here soon.

Do you even realize who you were performing to today? High class folks at that gig. Sort of funny knowing that. I hope to see you soon and buy a tee-shirt. I would’ve bought one today, but I didn’t have $20 left after buying
the gift. Just kidden.

Anyway, you are the best comic I’ve EVER seen. That includes at comedy clubs, and on TV. You should be in the movies, forget this stand up stuff. I am going to try to have my cheap boss spring and hire you at one of our events.

P.S. My brother looks EXACTLY like you. Almost to a scary point. You truly have a twin!