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Testimonial #191

saw you last nite, you were awesome! I was still awake at 1:00 A.M. trying to figure out what happened to the beer bottle and cigarette. My Husband and four of our friends were in the second row, behind Dave and Richard aka
“Big Dick,” ha, laughed so hard our stomach’s hurt.We really enjoyed the opener too, would like to see more of him too, but don’t cut back on your time, just have to have a longer show! On the way to the car after your show, the first words out of My Girlfriends mouth was ” I want to know who’s telling him about the women’s bathroom and the shoes.” I bought your shirt and I am planning to wear it next time we see you. Thanks for a GREAT night.
p.s. Really like your little speech at the end about living life for today, we’re always waiting for that better job, more money, really hit home.

Jody Lookabaugh Kittanning, PA