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Testimonial #192

I hope you had a great new year!

I promised myself I would email you that night when I saw you in Timberline, WV on 12/23.You might have erased that evening from your mind but I wanted to thank you for making the cold trip to the ski resort and entertaining all 50 of us.

I have a ski house up there and my wife had all of her family there and our highlight was going to be that night and you did not disappoint us.

You were hilarious. I asked my wife after the first 5 minutes. Do you think this guy speaks or is this the act? I was cracking up with your facial expressions. That was good stuff.

You probably don’t remember, but you were picking on a housewife and a geologist in the front row. That was my brother in law and my sister in law. Some of the family isn’t too keen on the sister in law so they loved it when you were picking on her for staying at home and doing nothing. Because that’s what she does. Good stuff dude, you are very quick on your feet and I think your best stuff was when you were making it up based on the audience’s response. Only a true comedian can pull that off as well as you did. I will proudly wear my Mental Health T-shirt and I look forward to seeing you again sometime at a bigger venue!

Bob Cusack