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Testimonial #214

I was writting to comment on your Comedy Show that was in Wallingford,C.T. on aug. 28th. My name is Catalina, im 21 and im model and a professional chef from wallingford. I wanted to tell you how much your show helped me. You see not to long ago, i found out/remmebered that as a child i was abused, and I hadn’t gone out anywhere in a long time just because i became afraid of alot of things, so life became pretty horrible, i couldnt hold a ob and i just kind of broke away from alot of people. When my aunt told me about your show, her knowing that i love watching comedy, i was really nervous about going. I told her i would go knowing that i would back out last minute. But something told me to go and i did, im really glad that i made it. Anyways, i know you didnt have to hear all that crap, but i thought you should know that your comedy does much more than make people laugh, it helped me with some of my fears. Dont get me wrong your funny as freakin’ hell, but you have a special kind of spark inside of you and i wanted to let you know your doing and excellent job, you have a gift. That last little speach you gave at the end really meant alot to me, so i guess i would just like to say thank you for a great nite. I was actually sitting in the seat behind those two lesbians that you took on stage with you, funny huh. Well iattached a picture of myself so you didnt think i was some complete loser haha. Well, keep on with the good work and thanks again, i would love to have you do a show at a party sometime. Later Dave