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Testimonial #219

I saw you perform at the Sheraton in Nashua last night.
Yeah, the “Hells Angels” of the “A” programs. That one delighted all of us. I want to say thank you very much for your performance. Anyone who didn’t see your show last night is killing themselves because everyone is saying, “Did you see the comedy show last night?” And then there were the people who left at about midnight, THE FOOLS! Fortunately they were my friends, so I got to make fun of them. They were still laughing though. I had a headache and strained facial muscles, and thank you for them. With all I go through in life , it’s great to just sit and laugh at the whole thing. The woman who tried to talk to you when you were laughing about the keychains was going to tell you that keychains were really an absurd thing to give to a bunch of people people who didn’t have anything to put a key into. You really touched a lot ofpeopleDave.Everyone was talking about you and your show after the closing meeting Sunday morning. You should have seen everyone wearing your shirts at the Sunday morning meeting, which is trationally the slot for the “Spiritual Speaker.” Thanks for the tip on spanking permission. I know every girl is a freak, ya just have to accessthe freakitude in the correct manner. I wish you health,happiness,and success in your journey through life. If you are coming to Boston,
please let me know.

Peace & Respect to you Dave!

Mattie S. Boston, MA