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Testimonial #223

I have to tell you I have not been to a comedy show like yours ever before! You were absolutely hysterical. We’re still laughing!!! My husband and I, (I was the one who tried pronouncing “Asplundh”) and about 8 other people attended your show at “Memories on Main” in Torrington, CT. We were the table in the middle. You picked on my brother, “Mr. Muscles” and my sister, the blond and her “ethnic” boyfriend. I have to thank you for ribbing my brother and my sisters boyfriend. They both deserved it!!! Bob, our friend who timed your Houdini-escape routine, still has not recovered. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay because we had to get back to our 11 month old son and heard we missed even more laughs…We’ll have to catch your show again next time your in CT. Thanks so much for making all of us laugh. Your job is so important and you are the perfect person for comedy. We all hope to see you make it really big and I’m sure you’re already on your way. Robin Williams who? George Carlin who? Dave Reilly, yeah, now he’s funny!! Watch out Hollywood!!!!
Thanks again. You are “special”. Kudos to the other comedians that were in your show, Father Guido was especially funny too.
Best Wishes!
PS. Did you ever end up getting “John” the “special” Torrington resident laid?
Too funny!!!!

Jennifer and Tim Fleming Canton, CT