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Testimonial #23

Just saw your comedy show with my wife at Infinity Music Hall tonight, February 20th, in Norfolk, CT. “You were mah-velous,”
as “Fernando Lamas” would say. I don’t remember when we’ve laughed so hard, and I watch and listen to comedy almost all of the time. We were up in Norfolk at a bed and breakfast, heard about the theater, and thought we’d take in a show. What else was there to do in boondockville? My wife asked if I ever heard of you, and I said I hadn’t.
Being that she’s always complaining about how much comedy I watch and listen to, she (and I) had low expectations.

I watch the stand-up comedians on Comedy Central, HBO Comedy, One-man comedy specials on HBO, and anyplace else I can catch it (with the exception of MTV, so I missed your appearances there). I DIDN’T KNOW!!!
I’m a subscriber to XM Radio, where I’m constantly switching between XM Comedy (now Raw Dog comedy), National Lampoon comedy, and even Blue Collar Comedy. Again, I DIDN’T KNOW!!!

But as we left the theater tonight my wife and I had the same thought. You see every year, for the past five years,
my wife and I give our three sons and there significant others (2 wives, one girlfriend) tickets to a Broadway show for their Hanukkah presents. Let’s get six tickets to your next comedy show in our area for this year’s present to the kids. As soon as we got back to the B & B, we looked up your schedule, and were shocked that you had been 4 miles from our house on January 23rd, in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY! I DIDN’T KNOW!!! I hope you’ll soon be at a venue close enough for them to get as much joy from your show as we did.

You really gave a fabulous show, and we thank you for letting us enjoy it so much.

Thanks again.

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Ortenberg