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Testimonial #248

I absolutely loved the show. I had no intention of going to a comedy show, felt that it would be like something I have seen in the past. Where the jokes are kinda far fetched and difficult to understand. What was great is you kept things real simple for us, which is what we need, and based everything on real life experiences. All of you were great and should be applauded. I was suppose to stay home and do homework and prep work for my students next week and I am so glad I took a break to see your show. Again, I never thought I would enjoy a comedy show but found out I was totally wrong. I will check out your upcoming shows here and there. Who knows maybe we will meet again. You should record a show and sell them at your shows. I think people would love to purchase a video of your show. Well the present tells me to get back on track with homework and my students. It is obvious you all love what you do and that is the key to success. Our success needs to be fed with passion without it we become hum drum employees. You are all gifted with this passion and it is great to see this.

Eva Young