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Testimonial #26

I have to write and first of all say a BIG THANK-YOU for an outstanding evening of comedy. YOU were sooooo funny. Dean and I are still laughing, (he of course has been heard to say several times since-“I didn’t know”…) and we laugh and laugh. You were incredible, perfect and the way you tied in parts of the evening were great.

You performed at Dean’s company Christmas Banquet (Crimson Fire Equipment) near Stevens (you referred to it as Stevensville) PA. I know for a fact you will never forget the evening although I am sure you would like too….

I apologize for the poor behavior of a particular front row attendee…however Dean and I are positive you have more material to pull from now. Ladder trucks, aerials, platforms, etc… We have said it would be very funny to hear one of your shows in the future and listen to the material that you have created as a result of being in Stevens(ville) PA at the Crimson Fire Equipment Dinner. I am sure it will be funny.

Dean and I again wanted you to know that we really enjoyed your show and would love to see you again sometime. Good Luck and God Bless.

Dean and Margie