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Testimonial #34

WOW!!! Outstanding 4 ½ hour show last night at the Naugatuck Phoenix Stage Co.!!!! Didn’t know it was a sleep over! 4 ½ hours of non-stop gut wrenching laughter! I’ll have laryngitis for the next 3 days, thank you very much! When my husband returns tonight from snowmobile weekend, yes, I’m one of the 7 from the lesbian section; he’ll be thrilled I can’t talk! Here’s the ‘siteation,’ my name is Dona and I’m a Dave Reilly addict. Seen your show about a dozen times and last night was a record breaking performance!!! Last night reminded me when my husband & I saw your show for the first time at the Elk’s Club. Remember the power went out? You pulled it off in your usual style! Since then, we have introduced everybody we know to you and get a kick out of watching them curl up in a fetal position writhing with laughter!!! (Kind of sort of similar to the way I sleep in frozen animation ‘in’ my Bob Opedic)

Thank you for a great evening! Loved the Phoenix, felt like we were your living room!

See ya next time!

Dona Lucuk Naugatuck, CT