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Testimonial #51

You performed at the Baby Zachary fundraiser to benefit our son this past weekend. After all, how could you ever forget the greatness of a show in lovely “Inselin”, NJ (just a small step up from The Venetian).
My wife and I just wanted to thank you for giving us exactly what we needed…a night of pure joy and laughter. Our son was born with a rare cancer in January and has been fighting for his life ever since. Laughter has been tough to come by lately.
When our friends said they wanted to organize a fundraiser for Zachary we only had one request…please make it fun. We didn’t want everyone to get together just to mourn and talk about hospitals and disease. They clearly got it right the moment they contacted you.
Your show was hysterical. The smiles and laughter were nonstop. Everyone I spoke to said the same (well, except maybe my grandparents).
Thank you again for a much needed night of fun and enjoyment with our family and friends.

Bobby, Dana & Zachary Volkay