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Testimonial #54

We have had the pleasure of enjoying your show recently at the Southington Elks lodge. I don’t think there is anyone better than you.
There wasn’t a time or moment when the people in the audience were not laughing. Our lodge members and their guests were absolutely in awe of the funny lines and actions you do so well. They were all saying how there jaws and sides ached from so much laughter. There was even one person that said it made her laugh just to look at you on your poster, before she even met you. You actually made a few of us a little nervous in the very beginning of your cigarette/fire act. But they LOVED it! They also loved the part about you knowing of the apple harvest and apple fritters.

We really appreciated that you continued your show an hour longer than contracted, it was Great! It showed that even you were having a great time with us! I thought it was awesome that so many were buying your T-shirts. Personally, I had to have two of your shirts.

This show was our second time for my husband Jeff and I, and we want to see your show anytime you are in the area. We are ready in a heartbeat to have you back at our lodge for another night of awesome entertainment. Thank you for all your fun. Jeff and some others are constantly saying “shshshsh……………Listen…………..”I didn’t know”!!

Dave, your a funny guy! and you truly are one of a kind so we just love you!!! We wish you all the best for 2009!

Lisa Raymond Southington Elks Lodge #1669