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Testimonial #59

After Saturday night’s performance, I told you these guys would be standing around laughing at your jokes and they are doing it right now as I e-mail this.
I am being congratulated for booking you and getting all the credit on an excellent night out. I laughed all the way home and we recapped the jokes this morning
for those who did not attend and the guys are still laughing. It is amazing to me, a girl, that the guys you made fun of the most were the ones who had the best time.
I know we were kind of a dead crowd in the beginning but you hung in there and won everyone over with your comedy. I know they are going to be begging me next year
to book comedy again. Too bad for those who did not attend; we thought you were wonderful!!!
When you get your HBO special, we will be watching saying, “Hey, we know that guy.”

Carol Welch Teleflex Fluid Systems