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Testimonial #68

I went to see you at the Palace in Waterbury Ct.

I am still laughing as I write this. I did not know who you were when i bought the tickets, but I checked out your website and thought you must be great. I was so right. You were just so real, so funny. I need to tell you that this past year for my family was anything but laughter, my Dad died after a 4 and a half year ordeal with cancer, my Father in law passed away 8 weeks ago very very sudden. This has just been a bad year. We really needed to laugh, laughter is the best medicine,. thank you so much . TO see my husband and mother-in-law, laugh was a great site to see.

I swear I laughed so hard, you are you just great at what you do. I seen Bill Cosby at the same place not a month ago and I laughed as hard with you, if not more. thank you.

I wish I could of stayed and met you but my husband had to leave show early to go to work. Next time, most definitely.

WE will come see you again, we will be on vacation when you come to Cujinos in July but will look at your schedule and take all our friends with us.

You are great! “I didn’t know” will stay in my head for weeks.

Patty Griffin Terryville CT